What are frequencies?

Speaker: Branimir Nestorović MD PhD


The world is made up of frequencies and vibrations. Branimir Nestorović MD PhD talks about our surroundings on a much smaller scale.


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We perceive the world around us as a series of material things, that is, material objects. However, essentially, as Tesla put it, everything in the universe is made up of vibrations and frequencies. These are small tiny particles that vibrate and join together to form the complex shapes we know. That means that we are vibrating fields.

Branimir Nestorović MD PhD 0.30-1.00

Today's physics states that there are no particles, no waves, but rather fields that vibrate and overlap. So we are also a frequency and we are that vibration, these are the so-called Hertzian waves, they have their own frequency. There are other types of waves but generally we can view ourselves as a wave and as a frequency.

Branimir Nestorović MD PhD 1.00-1.30

It seems a bit abstract, but it is very understandable because each of our cells contains transport carriers on their surface that eject sodium and inject potassium into the cells, for example, and this creates a charge on the cell membrane. This charge creates a vibration, that is, creates a magnetic electric field which actually creates a vibration.

Branimir Nestorović MD PhD 1.30-1.50

Each of our cells has its own vibration, generally about 100 mW and usually have vibrations between 40-60 herz depending on the tissue. Nerve cells have an electric charge of about 70 mW, malignant cells have 10-20 mW. Therefore, as much as we don't look at ourselves that way, we're actually one big battery with one electric field that spreads around us and vibrates.

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