What is the common point between a human and the universe?

Speaker: Predrag Dugalić MD


Predrag Dugalić MD speaks about why i what way do we best integrate with our surroundings and how to learn to discover it.


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A human is a micro-particle in the cosmos that functions by its rules, while the cosmos functions by its own. It is precisely the adaptation of men to the principles and actions of the macro cosmos that is the basis of his health. Any disturbance of the balance between man and his environment can be a condition for the onset of illness.

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We all need to work on that prevention and the goal of each of us should be the preservation of health. Where do man and the cosmos meet? Over the surface of the human body. Our body is protected by an electrical aura that results from the interaction of many impulses and vibrations that take place in our system, our organism.

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This protective energy electric sheath protects us from various harmful influences from the outside. The communication between the outside and the inner world takes place in the human digestive tract. The nutrients that we ingest through our digestive tract are under the influence of the bacteria contained in it, which represent a specific world for themselves, and are then broken down and used for daily activities.

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Disruption at any level, whether at the level of those bacteria that are part of our digestive system, or at the level of cells that officiate the absorption of those substances, or cells that serve in the processing of matter, can lead to disease and the disturbance of vibrations and the energy balance between individual parts of our organism.

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So, for every disorder that appears, which we can recognize through its first symptoms that are most often unspecific, such as pain, discomfort, and malaise, we should react to it and first and foremost rest our body. It should be left to first fight off the negative external influences, stress, or anything else on its own.

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If the body cannot do it on its own, we can offer some help on the side and this help can be provided by quantum medicine. Primarily, in terms of stabilizing our body, since such a rested and stable body is capable of fighting various harmful exterior factors.

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