From the standpoint of view of quantum medicine, what happens in the cell when a disease occurs and what are the stages of the onset of a disease?

Speaker: Predrag Dugalić MD


Predrag Dugalić MD speaks about different disease phases that a cell goes through in the information and energy paradigm.


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All the cells in our body, and there are many of them, communicate with each other. They talk, just as humans interact, so do the cells talk to each other. They communicate with each other through the transmission of information. The information would be a coded message that spreads from one cell to another.

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These coded messages / information are transmitted through electromagnetic waves. Cells consist of some of their own parts, organelles, which are largely filled with water. Our body is made up of 70% water that is either inside the cell or in the spaces outside the cell.

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Water is precisely the medium through which this information is transmitted, that is, through which these electromagnetic waves, by which the cells communicate, spread. When there is a disorder in that transmission, that is, when some wrong information comes into our body, the whole organism registers it.

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All cells are informed that some incorrect information has been inserted into some part of our body. That first phase of transmitting misinformation about a disease, in quantum medicine, is called the informational phase. In the second phase, by disrupting the transmission of such information between cells, there is a disruption of energy transfer between the cells and this phase is called the energy phase.

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According to quantum medicine, those first two phases in the emergence of a disease, both informational and energy, are very difficult to access in classical medicine or in classical medicine diagnostics. It is only the third phase, that is, the phase of biochemical disorders in the secretion of various hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes… that can be registered by classical laboratory methods, when we detect some disturbances in biochemistry.

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That phase is the phase we usually respond to, and it is still an early stage in detecting the disease. Why? Because if that phase lasts for a long period, from a few months to a year or two, it goes into the next phase in which organic changes occur in various organs, depending on which organ is affected, and we can diagnose these changes with appropriate modern methods.

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These include imaging techniques when diagnosing changes to some solid organs such as the liver, spleen, kidney, lungs… or hollow organs, where diagnostics are performed by endoscopic procedures. So, in quantum medicine there are phases of disease that we divide into: informational, energy, bioenergy, biochemical, and organic, and de facto, for classical medicine, the only available phases are those where biochemical and organic changes occur in organs.

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