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Last updated: January 4th, 2021

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Terms and Conditions

The use of the web portal https://luchat8.com/ (hereinafter referred to as “portal”), its contents and its associated web pages is subject to the Terms of Service between you and the company “Generator 888” Ltd. with the headquarters in 62 Tetovska Street, 11 010 Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia.

These Terms of Service are legally binding you and the company “Generator 888” Ltd. in relation to your use of the contents and services provided by the portal.

All the contents published on the portal represent the sole property of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. Copying, reproduction, public display or distribution of the contents of the portal are in no way possible without the written permission of the company “Generator 888” Ltd.

The portal contents represent the protected copyrights that belong to the company “Generator 888” Ltd or that are owned by the third parties that have been entitled to use them. In addition to this, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. has all the copyrights in the areas of: editing, selecting and managing the contents. The trademarks, logos, names of individuals and other similar intellectual property are the property of “Generator 888” Ltd. or owned by the third parties. Non-compliance with the Terms of Service of the portal is subject to the sanctions in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 104/2009, 99/2011, 119/2012, 29/2016 – by the decision of the Constitutional Court and 66/2019) and of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 85/2005, 88/2005 – ed., 107/2005 – ed., 72/2009, 111/2009, 121/2012, 104/2013, 108 / 2014, 94/2016 and 35/2019).

The general disclaimer of liability

Any liability of “Generator 888” Ltd. for any damage or harm arising from the use of this application – regardless of a legal basis, including the harmful act – is limited to the damage caused by intent or gross negligence. In case there is a legal liability of “Generator 888” Ltd. for the breach or the violation of the essential contractual obligations, the total claimed amount of damages is limited to a foreseeable damage. This does not affect the liability of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. when it comes to the applicable law on the liability of the manufacturer of any defective items or the guarantees given. None of the mentioned limitations of liability applies either in case of a harm to life, body injury or harm to health.

“Generator 888” Ltd. is making great efforts to keep all the web pages of “Generator 888” Ltd. safe from viruses. However, we cannot guarantee that there are no viruses at all. Therefore, we would recommend making sure to install the adequate protection against viruses (e.g. by using virus scanners) before downloading any documents or Data from this portal.

“Generator 888” Ltd. does not guarantee that errors will not occur when using the services offered at a web page nor that these services will always be available.


The portal protects the privacy of users in accordance with the applicable legislation and its own capabilities. The portal claims the copyrights on all of its contents (copyrighted texts, research, news, multimedia content, Databases and programming code).

If some other media broadcast or transmit the content published on the portal, they are obliged to unambiguously and transparently mark the portal owned by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. as the source of the contents. If certain content is transferred from the portal to another digital medium, such a content must be referenced to the correct web address (link) on the portal.

Broadcasting or transmitting the portal contents via other media

The printed and electronic media may transmit the copyrighted contents of the portal under the following conditions:

unless the author has explicitly prohibited the reproduction, distribution and communication of the content to the public, and if the copyrighted content is used to an extent appropriate to the purpose and ways of reporting and providing public information,
it is obligatory, when uploading the copyrighted content, to indicate the source and authorship in the text header (luchat8.com),
it is required to indicate in the body text of the transmitted copyrighted material the label of the web page that contains the original article, that is, the copyrighted content that is transmitted.

The portal is not responsible for the accuracy, precision nor the credibility of the information published on a website that is owned by third parties, whose Data, information and links this portal downloads.
If the user considers that the portal has violated copyrights, the user is obliged to inform the editorial team of the portal at: info@luchat8.com.

The obligations of users during the portal information and Data usage

“Generator 888” Ltd. does not monitor the content exchanged among the portal visitors  and cannot guarantee its accuracy, origin or quality. “Generator 888” Ltd. is not in any way to be responsible for the exchanged content nor its loss and damage due to the use of services on this portal.

In order to ensure the free and unhindered use of the portal services, the following actions are unacceptable and strictly prohibited:

a) Posting, sending and exchanging the content that is contrary to the applicable laws;
b) Posting, sending and exchanging the offensive, obscene, threatening, racist or chauvinistic content or the content that is in any other way harmful;
c) Publishing, sending, exchanging and transmitting the information that the visitor knows or suspects to be false and whose use could harm other users;
d) Misrepresenting, that is, representing on behalf of another legal or natural person;
e) Manipulating the identifiers in order to conceal the origin of the content published or transmitted as part of the portal services;
f) Publishing, transmitting and exchanging the copyrighted content;
g) Posting, exchanging and sending unsolicited content to users without their consent or solicitation, such as promotional materials, advertising messages, spam messages, chain letters, promotional and advertising materials containing false information, allegations or claims that may mislead users;
h) Knowingly posting, sending and sharing content containing viruses or similar files or the programs designed to destroy or restrict the operation of any software and/or hardware and telecommunication equipment;
i) Collecting, keeping and publishing Personal Data of the other portal visitors and users.

The portal reserves the right to remove the content that is deemed inappropriate or non-compliant with the Terms of Service. The users are held responsible for any damages/harm resulting from their activities.

Communication services are offered to all the users free of charge and in good faith. The portal is not responsible for any damage caused by their use.

Commenting and information-sharing services

This portal allows visitors to use the information-sharing services free of charge, provided that they do not violate the Terms of Service of the portal and the separate rules applicable to the service and commenting on the content. By using communication services, the user obliges himself/herself to send and receive lawful materials corresponding to a particular service, which no third party is entitled to prevent from publication.

The guidelines on commenting

The visitor comments are very important as we strive to build a community where everyone will contribute to the quality communication and knowledge sharing. We will do our best to encourage the engagement of all the users with the goal of building a quality business community. Constructive comments are useful for all the visitors to the portal, and therefore we will do everything in our power to provide a place for a quality exchange of opinions, views and ideas.

We will not tolerate abusive, inappropriate, rude, threatening or in any other way embarrassing comments under the guise of freedom of speech and expression. Likewise, we will not tolerate hate speech, racial or political insults, or insults on any other grounds. When deemed necessary, we will remove such comments.

Portal notifications and advertisements

The portal may occasionally send portal and advertisement notifications to the registered users. If the user does not wish to receive such messages, he or she may report to the portal at info@luchat8.com or unsubscribe from the link indicated at the bottom of the message.
By accepting the Terms of Service, the user agrees that the portal services will include advertisements and various notifications, admin messages and similar portal messages necessary for the regular notification of the portal visitors as well as for all the portal services functioning. By using the portal, the user agrees to receive promotional messages.

The portal is not responsible for any content on the advertisers’ pages nor for any damage caused by advertising. The business relationship between advertisers and users both on and off the portal is solely based on the business agreement of the advertiser and the user and the portal is not responsible for any potential damage resulting from such a business relationship.

Statement of Privacy

Protecting the privacy of individuals on the Internet is critical to the future of online business and the transition to fully-fledged online business activities. We have created this Statement of Privacy to confirm our strong commitment to the right of individuals to Data protection and privacy. This Statement of Privacy sets out our practices when processing the information that can be used for the direct or indirect identification of an individual (“Personal Data”).

A. General information

This Statement of Privacy applies to the Personal Data that you provide to the company “Generator 888” Ltd. or that are generated from some other Personal Data as it will be noted below. The use of this information as well as of the information collected through cookies or other tracking technologies on the Internet is subject to disclosure and the options it provides is solely Generator 888 Ltd.

The Data processor and manager of luchat8 .com is the company “Generator 888” Ltd., 62 Tetovska Street, 11 010 Belgrade. In case of  the registration on this website, the Data handler is shown in the Statement of Privacy whereas the person in charge of Data Protection on behalf of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. is (info@luchat8.com).

“Generator 888” Ltd. processes the Personal Data provided under this Statement solely in the manner defined in this Statement of Privacy. Further information can be found in Sections B and C below. If Personal Data processing is based on legal authorization, you will be able to find the information on the Personal Data processed by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. and the purposes of their use in Section B below. If a consent is required to process your Personal Data, you can find more information in Section C below. This information is consistent with the relevant consent statements relating to individual processing operations at the Consent Resource Center.

The processing period of Personal Data.

When the company “Generator 888” Ltd. processes and uses your Personal Data in accordance with the law (see Section B below) or with your consent (see Section C below), “Generator 888” Ltd. will protect your Personal Data only (i) until it is necessary in all of the below mentioned purposes, or (ii) until you have objections to the use of your Personal Data by “Generator 888” Ltd. (when  “Generator 888” Ltd. has a legal interest in the use of your Personal Data) or (iii) until you withdraw your consent (when you have given your consent to “Generator 888” Ltd for using your Personal Data). However, when “Generator 888” Ltd. has a legal obligation to hold your personal information or when the company “Generator 888” Ltd. requires your Personal Data as evidence in the lawsuit, or as an answer to the lawsuit, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. will retain your Personal Data by the end of the relevant retention period or until the completion of the proceedings initiated in these lawsuits.

Providing your Personal Data, giving your consent and submitting any of your Personal Data to “Generator 888” Ltd. within the scope of this Statement is fully voluntary and without any adverse effects if you choose not to consent or submit Personal Data. However, there are circumstances in which the company “Generator 888” Ltd. cannot take any further steps without certain Personal Data, for example when these Personal Data are necessary for processing your orders or providing an access to a website or a newsletter. In such cases, it will be impossible for the company “Generator 888” Ltd. to provide you with what you have requested without the relevant Personal Data.

The rights of the legal persons whose Personal Data are processed

At any time, you can request the input on which Personal Data the company “Generator 888” Ltd. has processed in connection with you as well as the correction or deletion of those Personal Data. However, it needs to be taken into account that the company “Generator 888” Ltd. can erase your Personal Data only if there is no legal obligation nor the relevant legal right of “Generator 888” Ltd. to keep them. It should be kept in mind that if you request from the company “Generator 888” Ltd. to delete your Personal Data, you will not be able to continue using any service of the company  “Generator 888” Ltd. that requires the use of your Personal Data.
If the company “Generator 888” Ltd. uses your Personal Data on basis of your consent or for the purpose of the agreement made with you, you can subsequently request a copy of your Personal Data that you have provided to the company “Generator 888” Ltd. In that case, you should make a contact by emailing to the e-mail address specified in the Terms of Service and advise the company’s representative of the information or processing activities your request relates to, the format in which you want to have this information submitted, and whether you want these Personal Data to be sent to you or another recipient.  The company “Generator 888” Ltd. will carefully consider your request and consult with you on how to fulfill it in the best possible way.

In addition, you can request from the company “Generator 888” Ltd. to limit the further processing of your Personal Data in any of the following cases: (i) if you specify that the Personal Data the company  “Generator 888” Ltd. holds about you is incorrect (only when “Generator 888” Ltd. requires checking the accuracy of the relevant Personal Data), (ii) if there is no legal basis for the company “Generator 888” Ltd. to process your Personal Data and if you request from the company  “Generator 888” Ltd. to limit the further processing of your Personal Data, (iii ) if  “Generator 888” Ltd. does not need any of your Personal Data; however, you claim that you need the company “Generator 888” Ltd. to keep the information so that you can refer to it or assert your legal rights or answer to a third party lawsuit or (iv ) if you disagree to the company “Generator 888” Ltd. processing your Personal Data (based on the legal authority and interest of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. as specified in Section B below) during the period necessary to determine whether the company  “Generator 888” Ltd. has a relevant interest, or a legal obligation to process your Personal Data.

Right to file a complaint.

If you consider that the company “Generator 888 ” Ltd. does not process your Personal Data in accordance with the requirements set out in this Statement or applicable EEA Data Protection laws, you may at any time file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority of the EEA country of residence or Data Protection Authority in the Republic of Serbia where “Generator 888” Ltd. has its registered office.

The website usage by children

This website is not intended for use by the persons under the age of 16. If you are under the age of 16, you cannot be registered on this website nor can you use it.

Links to other websites.

This website may contain links to other websites (i.e. web pages that are not part of the company “Generator 888” Ltd).  The company “Generator 888” Ltd. is not responsible for any guidelines nor any contents of other websites that are not owned by the company “Generator 888” Ltd.

B. Cases when the company “Generator 888” Ltd. uses my Personal Data on a legal basis

The company “Generator 888” Ltd. may process your Personal Data in the following cases, in accordance with the applicable Data Protection Law.

If you order the goods or services from the company “Generator 888” Ltd., the company will use the Personal Data provided in the order form or during the registration process, which is usually a subset consisting of your name, address, e-mails, phone number, name and address of the company, your function and role. If any payments need to be processed to the company “Generator 888” Ltd., an ID number, credit card number or bank information are needed exclusively for the purpose of processing your order or providing the required goods or services. This may include taking the necessary steps before signing the contract, addressing the queries you have sent, providing shipping and invoicing information for you and processing or providing customer feedback and support. It may also include the data from your conversations on the page  chat8.com, through contact forms, via e-mail or phone. In this Statement of Privacy, “goods and services” include web services, offers of goods or commodities from the range of the company “Generator 888” Ltd as well as the studies, instructions, training and events organized by the company “Generator 888” Ltd.

If you use the manuals or attend the trainings provided or organized by the company “Generator 888′ Ltd., the company can therefore follow the progress of your learning to provide you with this information. In addition to this, we regularly communicate via email to the users who are subscribed to our services. Furthermore, we can communicate by phone in the event of the user complaints or for the purpose of investigating suspicious transactions. We may use your email address to confirm an account opening or to send payment notifications, information about changes to our products and services as well as the notifications, and to disclose other information in accordance with our legal obligations. As a rule, the users are not allowed to unsubscribe in case of these notifications that are not related to marketing, but required for the relevant business relationship. With respect to types of the marketing-related communication (i.e. email and telephone calls), we will (i) when required by law, provide you with this information only when you have given your consent and (ii) give you the opportunity to unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive any marketing content from us. You can unsubscribe from the above at any time by clicking at the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the promotional emails you recieve.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

“Generator 888” Ltd. and its products, technologies and services are subject to export laws in a number of countries, including, but not limited to, the laws of the European Union and its members as well as the United States of America. You acknowledge that, in accordance with the applicable export, trade sanctions and embargo laws imposed by these countries, “Generator 888” Ltd. is obliged to take measures to prevent the entities, organizations and parties listed in the sanctioned party lists issued by government bodies, to access certain products, technologies and services through the webpages of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. or other delivery methods that it controls. This may include (i) the automatic verification of all the user registration data based on this Statement and other information provided by the user about his or her identity against valid sanctioned party lists; (ii) a regular recurrence of these checks each time the list of sanctioned parties is updated or when the user updates his or her Personal Data; (iii) a blocking access to the services and systems of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. in the event of a possible match; and (iv) contacting the user to verify his or her identity in the event of a match.

The legal interest of the company “Generator 888” Ltd.

Each case given below represents the legal interest of “Generator 888” Ltd. to process or use your Personal Data. If you do not agree with this approach, you may not consent to the processing or use of your Personal Data by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. as set out below.

Questionnaires and surveys.

The company “Generator 888” Ltd. may invite you to participate in the completion of questionnaires and surveys. These questionnaires and surveys will usually be designed in such a way that the answers can be given without entering your Personal Data. However, if you enter your Personal Data into a questionnaire or survey, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. may use those Personal Data to improve its products and services.

Creating anonymous datasets.

The company “Generator 888” Ltd may convert the Personal Data provided under this Privacy Statement into anonymous datasets, which will then be used to improve the products and services of the company “Generator 888” Ltd and its affiliates.

Recording calls and chats for quality improvement.

In case of telephone calls or chat sessions, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. may record those calls (after notifying you during that call and before recording) or chat sessions to improve the quality of its services.

Sending up-to-date information/seeking feedback.

Within the context of the existing business relationship between you and the company, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. may inform you of, when permitted in accordance with the local law, its products or services (including webinars, seminars or events) similar or related to the products and services provided by the company “Generator 888” Ltd that you have already purchased or used. In addition, if you attended a webinar, seminar or event hosted by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. or purchased products or services from the company “Generator 888” Ltd., the company representatives may also contact you to provide feedback for further improvements of the relevant webinar, seminar, event, product or service.

The right of refusal.

You may at any time refuse to consent to the use of Personal Data by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. for the above purposes by logging out by clicking at the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the promotional emails you receive. In that case, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. will cease using your Personal Data for the above purposes (i.e. within the above mentioned legal interest) and remove them from its systems, unless Generator 888 Ltd. has a permission to use the Personal Data of this type for the other purpose stated in this Privacy Statement or if the company “Generator 888” Ltd. establishes and demonstrates a compelling legal interest in continuation of your Personal Data processing.

C. Cases when the company “Generator 888” Ltd. uses my Personal Data on basis of my consent

“Generator 888” Ltd. will use your Personal Data as set out below only after you have given a prior consent to the relevant processing operations. Each piece of the information about the operation processing in connection with your Personal Data is associated with one Statement of Consent by clicking at the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the promotional emails you receive. If you re-open this Statement of Privacy after initially giving one or more consents, you will see not only the consent information you have provided, but also the full Privacy Statement.

Newsletter about products and services

In accordance with the relevant provision and with your consent, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. may use your first and last name, postal and e-mail address, telephone number, job title and basic information about your employer (name, address and industry) as well as an interaction profile based on your previous interactions with the company “Generator 888” Ltd. (previous purchases, participation in webinars, seminars or events or (web) service uses) to be informed of the latest product announcements, software updates, special offers and other information on products and services provided by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. (including marketing newsletters) as well as the events organized by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. with the goal of displaying the relevant content on the web pages. When it comes to these marketing activities, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. can provide a hash tag of the user ID to the social networks operated by a third party or other web offers (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Google), whereupon this information is then linked to the social network databases or the databases of web offers in order to provide you with some more relevant information displays.

Creating user profiles

The company “Generator 888” Ltd. provides you with the option to use its web offers, including forums, blogs and networks associated with this website, requiring to register and create a user profile. User profiles provide an option to display your Personal Data to other users, including, but not limited to, your name, photo, social media accounts, email or mailing address or both, phone number, professions, knowledge and personal skills, and basic information about your company.

These profiles can be related to an individual web offer of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. However, it is always your personal choice which of these additional web offers you will opt for. Your Personal Data are forwarded only after you access them for the first time. Please note that without your consent, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. cannot create your user profile, and will not be able to offer those services in the event that your consent is a legal regulation requirement for the provision of these services.

Within every web offer, in addition to providing an access to it, your profile is used to for the personalization of the interaction with other users (e.g. using the functionality of sending messages or monitoring) and for improving the quality of communication and cooperation of the company “Generator 888” Ltd. through these offers. In this way, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. can provide the elements of gamification (gamification is a process of taking over something that already exists, for example, a website, an enterprise application or an online community, and integrating game mechanics into them in order to increase participation, interest and loyalty). To the extent supported by the relevant web offer, you can use the functionality of the relevant web offer to determine the information you want to share.

Special categories of Personal Data.

In connection with registering for an event or seminar and providing access to them, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. may ask you for the information about your health in order to identify and assist persons with disabilities or special dietary requirements during the event. Such information requires the consent you provide under this Statement.

Should you fail to provide the information on a disability or special dietary requirements, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. will not be able to take any appropriate precautions.

Creating event profiles

If you register for an event, seminar, or webinar, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. can also share your basic participant information (your name, company and email address) with other participants at the same event, seminar, or webinar for the purpose of communication and exchange of ideas.

Forwarding your Personal Data to other third parties

The company “Generator 888” Ltd. does not have the authority to transmit your Personal Data to third parties without your consent. At your request, as stated in your consent, the company “Generator 888” Ltd can proceed.

Withdrawal of consent given under this Statement.

You may withdraw the consent given under this Statement at any time by notifying via sending and email to info@luchat8.com. In the event of withdrawal, the company “Generator 888” Ltd. will no longer process Personal Data related to this consent unless it is required by law to do so. In case the company “Generator 888” Ltd. has a legal obligation to retain your Personal Data, your Personal Data will be excluded from further processing and will only be retained during the legally prescribed period. However, the withdrawal itself has no impact on the earlier processing of Personal Data by the company “Generator 888” Ltd. until the moment of your withdrawal. After the withdrawal, you will not be able to use the services of the company “Generator 888” Ltd.


Information about your order

For any info about your order, please contact us at orders@luchat8.com

Delivery and shipping limits

Shipping for Serbia is free for any amount of products ordered. Maximum time of delivery is 15 business days.

Shipping to the Ex_Yugoslavia region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia) is 10 EUR flat for one product ordered + 2 EUR for every next product in the same order. Maximum time of delivery is 20 business days.

Shipping to the rest of Europe is 18 EUR flat for one product ordered + 2 EUR for every next product in the same order. Maximum time of delivery is 20 business days.

Shipping to Africa and Asia is 20 EUR flat for one product ordered + 2 EUR for every next product in the same order. Maximum time of delivery is 20 business days.

Shipping to North and South America is 22 EUR flat for one product ordered + 2 EUR for every next product in the same order. Maximum time of delivery is 20 business days.

Shipping to Oceania region and the rest of the World is 25 EUR flat for one product ordered + 2 EUR for every next product in the same order. Maximum time of delivery is 20 business days.

Privacy protection

In the name of the luchat8.com eshop we are obliged to protect the privacy of our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic information about our shoppers, and information  necessary for good business practices with the goals of offering quality services. We give our customers the possibility of subscribing or unsubscribing from our mailing lists that we use for promotional and marketing purposes. All information about our users/shoppers are stored in confidentiality and are available to company employees only. All employees that have contact with the luchat8.com eshop and customer information, are inclined to respect the privacy policies listed on the site.

Protection of transaction data

When entering data about you card on our site, the transaction information are transmitted through public networks encrypted in the form of the SSL protocol and PKI systems, as the latest contemporary systems in cryptographic technology. The safety of your information when purchasing is guaranteed by the payment processing company ChipCard a.d. Belgrade, so the complete process of payment is executed on their website pages. Your payment info is not available to us at any stage of the purchasing process.

Money back

The company Generator 888 Ltd. guarantees the quality of make and stability of function of its products.

If you are not satisfied with how your Lucha T8 runs, or for any other reason are not satisfied with the use of your device, please contact us via info@luchat8.com or this via this phone number 00 381 69 369 3669 to return you device and get a refund. In the case of returning one of our products and has payed with one of these cards VISA, EC/MC and Maestro in whole or in part, the luchat8.com eshop is obliged to make the refund via the same payment card that from which the funds were received.


The company Generator 888 Ltd. guarantees for the proper functioning of its products.

The warranty is valid with the original receipt and the warranty covers defects incurred within the guarantee period. The guarantee period commences from the date of purchase, i.e. from the date stated on the receipt or from the day when the goods are delivered to the buyer, if sent by delivery service. The warranty for electronics failures is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Mechanical malfunctions are not covered by the warranty.

The guarantee provider, within the warranty period, at its own expense ensures the elimination of defects and malfunctions of the product, which arise from the inconsistency of the actual characteristics and the prescribed or declared characteristics of the product’s quality.

The buyer loses the right to a warranty, i.e. the right to a claim and free servicing in case of:

  1. improper product handling
  2. use of excessive force
  3. improper use of the product that does not comply with the User Manual
  4. use of the product for purposes other than its intended use
  5. if the malfunction is caused by failure to comply with the given manual
  6. if any repairs or attempted repairs by unauthorized persons have been carried out on the product

Repairs covered by the guarantee are performed at the Generator 888 Ltd. authorized service

Subscription to our promotional mailing list

By purchasing our products you are automatically subscribed to our promotional mailing list. You can unsubscribe by clicking the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email you receive.