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Lucha T8 is a health improvement device that creates and emits Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83Hz. Lucha T8 aims to unlock our body’s potential to self-regulate and balance itself.

Lucha T8 is a health improvement device that creates and emits Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83Hz. Lucha T8 aims to unlock our body’s potential to self-regulate and...
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"Lucha T8 is a great support in achieving inner balance and harmony, a fantastic device whose beneficial effect I feel every time it lights up."

Anxious? or stressed?

Just reading this gave us anxiety. We can only imagine what you’re going through day in and out actually reading this stuff.
Imagine life without all the fuss and noise. It’s actually within your reach. Take a break with Lucha T8. Grab it while on the go or when unwinding at home. It’s something to hold on to when things get tough.


people using Lucha T8 had improvements with anxiety and stress.


people using Lucha T8 had improvements with anxiety and stress.

"It associates me with returning to myself, calming down, simply letting thoughts flow. So, I wear it in the evening, I wear it when I fly, I wear it when I’m nervous, when I’m anxious, it helps me get back to peace whenever I feel like I’m out of balance."

Sleepless nights and all the screen lights

It’s the 12th roll over in your bed. You whack your hand over the night stand looking for a fix. Salvation is at your fingertips. With a flick of the thumb that familiar screen light comes on and burns your retinas. Scrolling another feed at 4am? Yeah. That will help you.
Recreate the feeling of falling asleep next to a campfire beneath the stars. Use your Lucha T8, leave it on your chest for 30 min and drift off into that peaceful sleep you badly need.


people using Lucha T8 had improvements with insomnia.


people using Lucha T8 had improvements with insomnia.

"Listen to yourself, listen to your surroundings and listen to the planet. The planet is rotating all the time, not a single moment that has passed is the same as this very moment. The only thing we have is now."

Relieve your pain!

Feeling down? Take a pill. Got a headache? Take a pill. Bruised your knee? Take a pill. Tripped over and almost fell to the ground, but luckily you didn’t? Take a pill.
We’ve been there when that migraine is blinding you. Or when it’s that time of the month and you can’t get out of bed.
Don’t fall back on meds. Harness the power of Lucha T8’s light. Hold it over your pain source, and recover quicker. Whether it’s an external injury or internal pain, Lucha T8 is here to help.
Why not try something different?


people using Lucha T8 had improvements with pain.


people using Lucha T8 had improvements with pain.

*the data displayed on this page is drawn from interviewing more than 500 Lucha T8 users and the benefits they felt during and after using the device for more than 3 months.

Lucha T8 can help you with:

Menstrual Pain

Lucha T8 help decrease menstrual pain and stabilizes your cycle.


Lucha T8 can help you with emotional instability.


Optimize your daily energy by using Lucha T8.


With everyday use, you can significantly increase your focus.


Lucha T8 can help you with allergic reactions.


Lucha T8 can help with daily Fatigue when regularly using it.

Case Studies


of patients marked the response as excellent that underwent 2-3 treatments.

Case Study


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Increase in aura size only a few uses of the Lucha T8 device

Case Study


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10 days

Big improvement shown after 10 days of daily use of the Lucha T8 device

Case Study


Read More

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.


About the device

About the device

How Lucha T8 works

When your body is in pain or suffering from an ailment, your cells vibrate at an abnormal frequency. This is especially true at the source of the pain. Lucha T8’s 7.83Hz waves help bring the frequency of these cells to their healthy levels. Right away it opens up your body’s pathways to the central nervous system. This strengthens the network and improves healing. The nervous system sends more support, and your tissues receive more oxygen. Your cells breathe new life, and slowly your pain melts away.

The Power of Red Light

Red light, also used in the Lucha T8 device, penetrates deeper into tissue than yellow, blue or green light. Hemoglobin in the blood significantly blocks yellow, blue and green light (wavelengths less than 630 nm), lights of these wavelengths do not penetrate deep into the tissue.

How to use Lucha T8

The device is turned on by pressing the side button. A flickering red light appears on the bottom side of it, indicating it has started working. The device should be put over the pain source if physical pain is being treated. Otherwise, place Lucha T8 near the solar plexus (approximately 10 cm above the navel) for overall health treatment.

Lucha T8 Prevention

Lucha T8 gives you stability when using on a daily basis*. Digital devices constantly emit electro-smog. These waves leave you feeling weak and vulnerable. Small situations start to feel like big ones. Lucha T8’s light resonates with your cells, and replaces harmful frequencies with natural vibrations. It brings you back to a life in balance.

*recommended 2x a day

Package contents

Lucha T8 device
220V adapter
USB C-type charger
Brown ribbon
Thank You Card
Motivational Booklet
User Manual
Warranty Card
Money Back Card

110V adapters used in the USA, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and elsewhere are compatible with the Lucha T8 device charging system.

Take it anywhere you go

Take Lucha T8 on the go, as it comfortably sits in the palm of your hand. Alternatively, it can be carried around your neck as an accessory and a symbol of a life in balance. Lucha T8 always stays by your side, fashionable yet ready to help.

Take it anywhere you go

Take Lucha T8 on the go, as it comfortably sits in the palm of your hand. Alternatively, it can be carried around your neck as an accessory and a symbol of a life in balance. Lucha T8 always stays by your side, fashionable yet ready to help.

Over 5,000 happy users

Dear friends, at the events we organize we had the opportunity, on two occasions, to try out the Lucha T8 device with the attendees. During our presentation, the attendees wore the device around their necks for one interval, and everyone, without exception, experienced relaxation and serenity, which, as they stated, they had not felt in…

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Aleksandar Hengl Entrepreneur

As I told you, the best thing I noticed was when I didn't sleep for 48 hours, and on the third night, I only slept for 3 hours. Using the "Lucha T8", I covered 1,000 km and I didn't feel tired!!!

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Aleksandar Ječmenica Businessman

As a professional make-up artist, I am very close with my clients, we share 1 square meter of space when working. I believe everything goes from the inside out, so I think that in that 1 square meter, my calmness is felt in the right way, and I get it all back. Lucha T8 helps…

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Ana Kovačević Professional make-up artist

It feels good to be doing something for myself, for it (the device) to soothe my sore shoulder and knee, not cure me. I want to say, among other things, that with the Lucha T8 device, I have a conscious, that every time I turn it on, I work, I think and I love myself.

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Biba Stanković Anesthesiologist

I feel very relaxed, I only sleep few hours and when I put on Lucha T8 I sleep immediately and for more hours. I think the device brings each one the balance they need. Lucha T8 device, I have a conscious, that every time I turn it on, I work, I think and I love myself.

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Cristina Mata Yoga teacher

Most of my life is connected with working on myself, on all levels of existence (emotional, physical and mental). I have seen many things, touched some, eliminated some, and probably, a lot of things I do not see and do not touch, are still waiting in line. But there is one problem I see and…

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Dr. Jelena Raičević Otorhinolaryngology specialist

For many years I've had back pain, that I managed to only partially reduce with the use of various creams and massages. A friend recommended and gave me a Lucha T8 device and to my surprise, only after 5 minutes of holding the Lucha T8 on my back, the pain had noticeably decreased. I am…

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Esma Isenović MD PhD Science advisor

I'm a very nervous person and when I use Lucha T8, I feel calmer. Also, the device is helping my mother, she fell on the ground and Lucha T8 is helping her to reduce general pain in her body.

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Eva Girona

I have a pain in the hand and put Lucha T8 in my hand, pain disappears a few minutes later. I feel my 4th chakra opens and energy flows normally. I feel good using the device, equilibrated.

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Fernanda Maella Yoga teacher

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Earths Natural Frequency

Take a look at the video below and learn more about the significance of the Schumann Resonance.

Why is this frequency important?

Research shows that the Schumann frequency* stabilizes our circadian rhythm and everyday use can help with fatigue and phyisiological disorders.

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*The Schumann frequency has a profound effect on our cell health.

Technology & Craftsmanship

Keeping in line with our values we wanted a housing made of natural materials. Our choice was using wood as the most complementary material that could carry the energy transmitted by the red beam. What better wood to use than walnut – the symbol of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. Apart from the aesthetics of the wood, it is very durable and can last for generations.

Our inspiration

Nikola Tesla

Colorado Springs 1899 - Knowledge

In his laboratory in Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla discovered that the Earth is a large “vessel” full of electricity. Noting one of his instruments, electromagnetic waves (VIBRATIONS) that recurred cyclically, he finally concluded that they were omnipresent, naturally standing waves, which are formed by a natural electrical discharge between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere.

Our inspiration

Winfried Otto Schumann

The Schumann Resonance 1952 - Discovery

Winfred Otto Schumann, based on Tesla’s research, mathematically calculated the value of these waves that fill the space between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, finding that their median value is 7.83Hz – the so called Schumann Resonance. Truth – nature and everything in it rests on the vibration that gives every matter shape and form.


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What is Lucha T8?

Lucha T8 is an electromagnetic device that creates and emits a pulsing magnetic field through light and is used as a health improvement device. Lucha T8 creates and emits a frequency of 7.83Hz. This frequency is called “the Schumann resonance”.

How is Lucha T8 used? | Use Lucha T8 preventively

For preventive purposes, the device should be placed on the side that emits the light toward the skin, near the solar plexus (approximately 10cm above the navel). It will strengthen your immune system, balance the autonomic nervous system, increase concentration and attention span, and will improve the overall state of the organism.

How is Lucha T8 used? | Use Lucha T8 for health improvement

To alleviate pain in all kinds of inflammatory processes, headaches and migraines, use Lucha T8 on a painful spot several times a day for up to 30 minutes per session. Doing so will balance the body’s energy, metabolism, and polarity in a way that gives the organism a chance to recover. The device offers a variety of health improvement benefits such as rapid cell regeneration, muscle relaxation and elimination of bruises.

What is the Schumann resonance?

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952.

How does Lucha T8 work and according to what principle?

The frequency of the Earth changes, but Lucha T8 acts locally on the individual organism and on the corresponding part of the body where the frequency of 7.83 Hz emitted from the device is mainly generated. Acting locally on the autonomic nervous system and peripheral nerves, Lucha T8 generates and emits exactly that common frequency which is also the natural frequency of the Earth (7.8Hz) and at which DNA molecules communicate most effectively with each other. This enables optimal alignment of the organism and harmonization with the environment even in conditions of variable vibration frequency of the Earth’s surface. Such local harmonization of the human organism with the environment achieves a state of a more complete energy balance of the entire organism, which also leads to strengthening of immunity as a whole.

The device works on the principle of an electronic oscillator that generates an electromagnetic field with a LED diode (light emitting diode). Similar electronic circuits, of course with important differences, are found in a large number of devices from televisions to artificial satellites.

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