About us

Welcome to the Lucha T8 world. We are a technological start-up from Serbia in the field of Wellness. Our inspiration and hope are people and nature, we believe in the good in people and we hope for a bright future. Therefore, we have created a product whose technology is based on the principles of physics, biology, and anatomy. We take from nature and gove back to it.

Primarily, we restore the awareness of humans to take care of themselves and others, as well as their environment, which is being destroyed before our eyes. If we want a healthy life without stress, illness, fear, and helplessness, the decision is up to us to go down that path.

The goal is to turn to ourselves so that the light shines in us again and so that we can be a transmitter to all those who recognize it. With this product, it can be achieved easier and faster, but first and foremost as an inspiration for the overall well-being improvement of the human body and the planet’s organism. We want to be an inspiration to all who have the same opinion, as well as to those who are not aware of how high a man can rise.

Our path

Product lunch

Lucha T8 founders

We are a small but chosen team of people.

We were connected by synchronicity. A team of people who recognized themselves through a journey of respect, quality relationships, and prosperity through building an idea.

Dejan Minić Operations
Aleksandra Kitanović Community
Predrag Dugalić Science
Miloš Mitrović Brand
Elvis Nikolić Distribution & Sales

Nature, the universe, the reality in which we find ourselves has its order, its meaning, and everything is perfect there, only humans need to harmonize. We began to listen, to look at the signposts, to follow the communication between the individuals and nature to experience the transformation in which we live the experience of pleasure. This journey lasts and will always last, the question is will we get involved? We already have! We are here for us and for you!

Our experts

Lucha T8 is our return to ourselves and nature. It is our need to change and become more positive. Lucha T8 gives us the opportunity to find light in ourselves by synchronizing with natural frequencies. Gradually discovering the light in ourselves, we become more satisfied and able to irradiate others with that light and love.

Press and Media Kit

If you are a member od the press feel free to download the resources,
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For special requests or inquiries, please contact us at info@luchat8.com