Welcome to the Lucha T8 world.

We are a technological start-up from Serbia in the field of well-being.


Primarily, we restore the awareness of humans to take care of themselves and others, as well as their environment, which is being destroyed before our eyes. If we want a healthy life without stress, illness, fear, and helplessness, the decision is up to us to go down that path.


The goal is to turn to ourselves so that the light shines in us again and so that we can be a transmitter to all those who recognize it. With this product, it can be achieved easier and faster, but first and foremost as an inspiration for the overall well-being improvement of the human body and the planet’s organism. We want to be an inspiration to all who have the same opinion, as well as to those who are not aware of how high a man can rise.

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People of Lucha T8

The community is here to help, educate and aid anybody who’s awareness towards a better life is ever more present. We are constantly working on organizing events, researching new methods for self-help, and scientific proof that a different perspective can open up new ways of living. Join our community by singing up for our newsletter and keeping up to date with the next events and initiatives. Feel free to contact us for specific questions or daily dilemmas you might have. We are waiting to hear from you!

Lucha T8 Leadership

We were connected by synchronicity. A team of people who recognized themselves through a journey of respect, quality relationships, and prosperity through building an idea.

Dejan Minić


Aleksandra Kitanović


Predrag Dugalić


Miloš Mitrović


Our experts

Predrag Dugalić, MD

Internal Medicine Specialist

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Milan Rajković, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

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Our partners

Sistem CD

We are very grateful to our Lucha T8 device manufacturers.


The SistemCD engraving and printing center has been operating successfully since 2003 and employs highly qualified staff who work on the most modern machines with the most modern equipment.

The design-programming team uses analytical means to ensure constant improvement of services and products, while using the latest technologies we create secure prosperity for your every need.


Our great partners for marketing have been with us for years.


The Marketarica agency was born from the desire to transfer our long-term experience and knowledge gained in working with numerous foreign companies to the domestic market. Our team specializes in brand promotion and social media marketing and paid advertising.

Our position is that marketing should always have sales as its main goal and that it should be seen as an investment and not an expense.

And in order for marketing to really produce such a result, a good strategy is needed. In the past 8 years and working with over 500 clients, we have developed and perfected a strategy that we successfully apply today to all our clients. Our mission is to find and create the best for each of our clients. a strategy that will bring the desired results as quickly as possible in the most profitable way possible.

Markoni Elektronika

Our partner for technology produciton.

Our partners helped out greatly in developing the Lucha T8 technology lead by engineer Aleksandar Marković.

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.


Press and Media Kit

If you are a member of the press feel free to download the resources, including our logo and some images that help communicate about Lucha T8 brand.
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