Aleksandra Kolarski

Founder of ALEK K

"I had to take two devices to have in the family. In my apartment is where I feel best, but when I leave my apartment, meeting different people, traffic jams, crowds and everything else... I realized that’s the time I need Lucha T8 the most."

How Lucha T8 helped me

Lucha T8 is my companion. PEACE and BALANCE that Lucha T8 brings - I just feel so much calmer. I love to apply the Lucha T8 device in the morning when I wake up, to bring me into balance, because all of us, when we wake up in the morning, start thinking about what, where, how, and then I simply turn on the device to calm me down, so that I can create some daily plans of my own. There is also the evening part, where it’s interesting that after a whole day of work you want to calm down but in your head it’s still buzzing, where you’re still trying to leave something for tomorrow. Then I switch Lucha T8 on and sleep peacefully. On many occasions I sleep throughout the night with the device.

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