Vuk Kandić

Music producer

"Four years ago, I had serious knee problems, with the meniscus, where I could not straighten my leg for six months and I had an operation scheduled. I held Lucha T8 on my knee for four straight days, holding on the sore spot. After four days I got up on my feet, literally."

How Lucha T8 helped me

Lucha T8 is much more than simple sinus treatment or treatment of all body organs, a device that truly helps you. It is much more than prevention and healing thanks to the people I met, the people I brought here, the people who shared their experience on how the device works and how much it helped them. Lucha T8, for me, has become an object that connects people and I am overjoyed to be part of this story and this community of intelligent, educated and normal people. It is our task to promote this story as much as possible for other people to learn of the benefits that this device provides both for their mental and physical health.

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