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What happens with my money back request if the card I used to purchase is no longer active?

If you have a money back request and the card you ordered is no longer active, we will refund your money in accordance with the legal regulations that are provided for such situations for your country.

The device I received does not work, what should I do? Can I get a new one?

In case you received a device that does not work, you can call us at +381 369 3669 or send us a message at info@luchat8.com with information so that we can contact you for the further inspection.

In the event that the device is found to be defective and the is within the warranty period, you will receive a new device as soon as possible.

How do I know you received my money back request?

When we receive a money back request from you, you will receive a notification from our team. In case you did not receive a response via email in a timely manner, please call us at +381 69 369 3669 or send us a message at orders@luchat8.com.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by calling the number +381 69 369 3669 or by sending an email via orders@luchat8.com. We ship devices within a short period of time after receiving the order, sometimes within 2-3 hours after receiving the order. If we have already sent you the device before you canceled, you can submit a money back request.

Do you offer deferred payment options? (only for Serbia)

We offer the possibility of deferred payment of up to 12 monthly installments through our partnership with Banca Intesa, by purchasing through our eShop. In order to exercise the option to deferred payment, you need to have a Banca Intesa credit card.

If you do not have a Banca Intesa credit card, we offer deferred payment in three monthly installments. Call us at +381 69 369 3669 for further instructions.

How can I track my order?

If your order is outside of Serbia, we are currently developing the ability to track orders with the help of the FedEx courier service.

If your order of the device is in the territory of Serbia, when the courier collects the device at our premises, he leaves us a confirmation slip, which we send to you as a notification that the device has been sent. By calling the number listed on the confirmation slip, you can check where your device is currently located.

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