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On this journey, the adventure can have various endings with each of them being perfectly acceptable. We are all the strongest links within the whole, capable of playing our role. To play it in the best way we must first love ourselves. The only thing we can change in this world is ourselves.

Vincent, 79


This is a great tool for relaxation especially if you're constantly nonstop working and don't know when to push away from the desk. Being an owner of your own business in 2020 is a tough task where you're constantly in fight mode and forget that your body needs to relax and recuperate as well. When I first tried the Lucha8, I immediately felt as relaxed as I have been in a long time and slept incredibly well that evening. Since then, I have noticed that it has really taken the edge off the stresses of the day and I feel a lot calmer and balanced. I think this is a great product and I'm enjoying the journey of seeing the different positive results as they occur.



I have been trying the Lucha8 for the last 10 days and can see improvements with a skin reaction that I've been dealing with for the last few months. While I did recently switch creams about the same time as I got the Lucha8, I have seen great improvement in general. How much of it was the device and how much was the new cream is difficult for me to say. I wouldn't be surprised if this has been also a key part of the breakthrough I've been seeking for the last year though, as the amount of different creams I have tried before this didn't really do much. Apart from having my chest lighting up like a really fun disco party with strobe lights, you don't really know that you're wearing it when going about your day.

Thomas, 29


Having already seen documentaries on the health benefits of grounding, and try make sure to get connected with the earth as much as I can, this product was something that I knew the science behind it before I had tried it, but was curious to know what the results would be. While it is difficult to say which option is the best as it is arbitrary, the effects were very much clear. I had felt a discharge of tension and stressful energy within half an hour, and felt very relaxed and calm for the rest of the day. I also noticed that I felt more comfortable by the time I got into bed and slept really well too. In terms of other kinds of health benefits, it is difficult to say as natural healing occurs at a more naturally slower pace. I definitely would call this product essential if it has the same anti-inflammatory properties as grounding does though, as inflammation being the root cause of most ailments, so very impressive to think you can have that at a click of a button if you live in an urban environment where putting your feet on the grass isn't easily accessible. Would definitely recommend Lucha8 for anybody who deals with a lot of stress (so basically everybody now in 2020 lol), or has a bit of a hard time sleeping.

Maribel Travé

Yoga teacher

I feel more relaxed, like when you go to nature or do a Yoga class.

Eva Girona


I'm a very nervous person and when I use Lucha T8, I feel calmer. Also, the device is helping my mother, she fell on the ground and Lucha T8 is helping her to reduce general pain in her body.

Fernanda Maella

Yoga teacher

I have a pain in the hand and put Lucha T8 in my hand, pain disappears a few minutes later. I feel my 4th chakra opens and energy flows normally. I feel good using the device, equilibrated.

Marta Barti

Massage instructor

I had an emotional problem and when I put Lucha T8, it balances my energy and changes my thoughts about the situation, so I have more clear thoughts and manage the situation better. The device surprised me a lot.

Rocio Suarez


It is effective with pains like tendinitis, but when there is chronic pain due to physical back injury (back disk hurt), the pain is not reduced. But I feel calm and relaxed with Lucha T8.

Cristina Mata

Yoga teacher

I feel very relaxed, I only sleep few hours and when I put on Lucha T8 I sleep immediately and for more hours. I think the device brings each one the balance they need.

Ivan Bozic

Architect (regression therapist)

"Lucha T8" is, in my experience, an excellent apparatus and is most effective in the meditative state. I also personally tested it on a large number of my clients, with whom I worked, and it turned out to be a great indicator of the problem. It acutely solves pains, cramps, headaches ... It affects the better flow of energy, grounding. Although it is not a medical device, in addition to our self-knowledge, it greatly contributes to self-healing. I believe that this is only the first in a series of practical applications that can effectively help people live in harmony with nature and with themselves.

Dr. Jelena Raicevic

Otorhinolaryngology specialist

Most of my life is connected with working on myself, on all levels of existence (emotional, physical and mental). I have seen many things, touched some, eliminated some, and probably, a lot of things I do not see and do not touch, are still waiting in line. But there is one problem I see and in front of which I am powerless. That's my stomach. Ever since his student days, he reacts to everything ... to different types of food, climate change, cold, emotions, stress ... just about everything! It reacts by producing more fatty acids (medically known as "GERB"), causing a sore throat, nasal congestion and a feeling of pressure in the forehead and face. That pressure very quickly turns into headaches, which can be quite severe and make me completely dysfunctional. And so, me and my stomach, we try to understand each other for years, looking for the most painless model in functioning and the limitations, which are necessary, and which are acceptable to both my rhythm of life. At that moment, "Lucha T8" appeared and presented itself. A beautiful wooden box worn around the neck and emitting the Schumann frequency, induces the vibration of our body. Although I am a doctor of classical medicine, I have a holistic approach to man and his functioning and I have long accepted that being healthy does not mean not having a disease, but living your full life potential. In these interests of mine, the Schumann frequency appeared, so that, for Lucha, I became interested very quickly and even more quickly decided to buy one for myself. Now I have "Lucha T8" for two months. It is amazing how much it alleviates my disturbances in a period such as autumn, when they were always most pronounced. I can't say I'm wary of provocative factors, but when I know I have it around my neck, I believe we will solve everything in the most painless way. It gives me security! It controls my weak point, inducing a more optimal frequency of its cells. My next step is to change some habits, which will make a more permanent basis, for the better functioning of the whole being and life in full potential, which will help this device to achieve its purpose more easily. Probably, her role will only be preventive, at some point. So, "Lucha T8" is something that I carry with me every day, for the last two months, and that absolutely meets my aesthetic criteria, thus combining functionality and decorativeness, I have important moments in a woman's modern life! Thank you!

Aleksandar Ječmenica


As I told you, the best thing I noticed was when I didn't sleep for 48 hours, and on the third night, I only slept for 3 hours. Using the "Lucha T8", I covered 1,000 km and I didn't feel tired!!!

Daniela Cavlina


I fell three weeks ago and stretched the tendons on my knee and I have unpleasant pains in my knee joint. I apply "Bur gel", but when I need to relax, the pain starts. Last night I put "Lucha T8" on that painful part and the pain disappeared. Today I put it in my pants, and the pain disappeared. In a short time, I will put "Lucha T8" on my feet again ... it will make me happy, and the information that "Lucha T8" helps will really mean something to others. I used it two to three times a day and so for two, three nights ... I hold and read ... and the pain is gone! Thank you!


Violin teacher

"Lucha T8" already with its design of the artifact gives a feeling of primordial connection with the natural impulse of human creation. The primordial, unstoppable course of healthy development in complete cosmic harmony. In addition, it emits a frequency by which, in an instant, from the hectic, stressful everyday life of a "modern" man, like a time machine, you enter timelessness, with a quick signpost and information, to each of our cells, as a prerequisite for health. All this was felt by my family, when "Lucha T8" entered our home. Perhaps simply put - it relaxes and brings to a state of active peace. With the vocabulary of a 21st-century man, he will eliminate every spasm, pain and discomfort, anything that breaks you - virus, bacteria, stress, headache, back pain, "claw" in the back, tight stomach ... Really reliable support for "swimming" and stopping the rushing life.

Jelena Komatima

Piano teacher

"Lucha T8" arrived to us a month ago. Not a day has passed since then that we haven’t used it. I mostly used it to do something useful for my peace and to restore balance in the race with daily obligations. After the first use after nine hours, I did not feel tired. I happily walked home. The husband managed to keep his blood pressure under control for the first time, despite the regular use of therapy! Occasionally, I used "Lucha T8" to neutralize stomach cramps, which stopped after half the allotted time for use. The beginning of the school year is always a time of change for students from the relaxation regime to a period that requires good concentration for learning. "Lucha T8" proved to be a real ally to his son. My recommendation is "Lucha T8".

Sanda Dramicanin

Violin teacher

I got the "Lucha T8" for use a month ago. Somewhere during the first wave of the pandemic, I got acute severe eczema on my hand due to the use of alcohol and various disinfectants. I tried to cure it in all ways and on the advice of a dermatologist, I finally used antibiotics and corticosteroids. Unfortunately, the improvement was felt very briefly to return everything to the same. After only five days of use "Lucha T8" my hand was healthy and my skin was as soft as it used to be. That hasn't changed even today. I am very happy that there is something that can help so much, and without any side effects and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has similar problems. Thanks to the team that designed such an effective product.

Ivana Poznanovic


Lucha T8... love for an entire lifetime. Peace, harmony, smile, happiness, joy... a life without pain. It brings optimism back into my life. I'm grateful for its existence.

Tanja Janković

Master of Economics and certified yoga instructor

Lucha T8 is my companion on the path of self-development and helps me to live my true essence and life in balance. In addition, whenever a certain pain occurs in the body, Lucha T8 is always there to remove it with its sparkling red light. I am very happy and grateful to be part of the Lucha T8 community.

Tamara Alivojvodić


I suffer from stomach hernia, which results in an unpleasant tightness in the throat and pharynx. Lucha T8 relieves this tightening. I am also prone to frequent inflammation of the middle ear, Lucha T8 significantly reduces the pain applied directly to the earlobe for duration of 20 minutes. Used immediately before bedtime, it allows me to sleep comfortably. I wear Lucha T8 around my neck all the time, when I feel uncomfortable, it helps to relieve tension.

Danijela Bogdanović


My first encounter with Lucha T8, as well as others who saw it, was through a question to a colleague: "What does that light do". At that time, I did not have any knowledge about Schumann's resonance, and then I began to explore more and discovered a new world, wonderful vibrations, which we are all delighted with in my family. The knowledge of how Lucha T8 works at the quantum level was very interesting to me. For a year, I have complained that the phone I have (a world-famous brand) affects my hands so I feel like they are constantly irradiated. After only a few uses of Lucha T8, that feeling disappeared. I will change the phone, but Lucha T8 doesn't leave my side. Mom, son, and I (everyone has their own) are constantly wearing our light of protection, waking up and falling asleep with Lucha. Whenever someone complains about something, I first say “turn on Lucha”. I am overjoyed to have discovered this wonderful device, I warmly recommend it to everyone, especially in this world where we are surrounded by many levels of radiation.

Robertin Ljušev

Natural medicine specialist, information therapist, energy medicine and bio-resonance practitioner

For about 8 years I have been treating patients using quantum medicine methods, an area that is relatively new and still with great potential for further development in finding and implementing relevant methods for prevention, treatment, and improvement of the general condition of our patients. When I received the information that a new revolutionary product was launched in November 2019, which is directly related to the healing mechanism that is the basis of quantum medicine, I immediately contacted a team of innovators and offered to participate in testing this product. Now after several months of testing and using this device on patients, I can confirm that Lucha T8 is an efficient device that creates and emits the natural frequency of our Earth, and that is the so-called Schumann resonance which is 7.83Hz

Milos Tucovic


I have had a problem with pollen allergies and sneezing for years. In the past year, my wife and I have been living in the countryside, in nature, so the sneezing due to pollen has increased. Those who have this problem know how uncomfortable it is to deal with all the symptoms of allergies when the flowering season begins. All-day sneezing due to pollen allergy is very exhausting. My eyelids and nose swelled, and I felt a constant state of fatigue and exhaustion. My wife let me try the Lucha T8 device, which she uses for knee pain. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but like any good husband, I accepted her suggestion and put the device around my neck. After only a few hours of wearing it, I stopped sneezing. I walked through the unmown yard without the urge to sneeze. This little miracle has saved me! Having a Lucha T8 in a home is a warm recommendation to anyone who has a problem similar to or the same as mine.

Esma Isenović MD PhD

Science advisor

For many years I've had back pain, that I managed to only partially reduce with the use of various creams and massages. A friend recommended and gave me a Lucha T8 device and to my surprise, only after 5 minutes of holding the Lucha T8 on my back, the pain had noticeably decreased. I am sure that with the long-term daily use of the Lucha T8, I will get rid of the pain that disrupts my daily functioning.

Ivana Mandic

Owner of a holistic center

I use the Lucha T8 almost every day. As for some specific type of healing, pain and similar, I don’t have any experience to share. What I can say and what I've noticed, by using it on a daily basis, is that it positively affects my mood. I use it several times a day and what is interesting is that I sing every time I activate it, it mitigates anxiety and very soon after turning it on, I feel ease.

Danilo Peric


Lucha T8 helped me relax my stomach and stomach cramps. The pain I had in my lower back stopped when I held the Lucha T8 in that place. It also calms me down when I hold it around my neck, with normal breathing pace.

Jelena Sukovic


I would like to share with you my positive experience regarding the Lucha T8 device. I complained about a severe headache, after which a friend gave me the Lucha T8 device which I placed over the spot where I felt the greatest intensity of pain, and after about ten minutes the pain was gone.

Misko Krsmanovic, 34


I had severe pain in the abdomen, more precisely, I had some form of food poisoning and I was constantly vomiting, while fever and shivering only made the situation worse. I turned on my Lucha T8 device and placed it over the spot where my stomach ached. I turned it on for 30 minutes every time I woke up due to pain. It certainly helped me sleep peacefully and the pain stopped. Two hours after I have stopped using the device, my pain and fever had returned. I repeated the same procedure with the device, laid down and placed it on my stomach for 30 minutes. I have to admit, the Lucha T8 device helped me a lot to get through a difficult period of poisoning and stomach ache. I was really surprised by the device’s effectiveness.

Nemanja Jovanovic, 34


Since I have no known health issues, I used the Lucha T8 out of curiosity for a whole 10 days. The calmness I felt, I cannot express in words. I wore the device on myself even at sports events, and as a person who experiences them very emotionally, it was a pleasure to watch them. Other areas of life were more productive than usual because life itself seemed much better.

Aleksandar Hengl


Dear friends, at the events we organize we had the opportunity, on two occasions, to try out the Lucha T8 device with the attendees. During our presentation, the attendees wore the device around their necks for one interval, and everyone, without exception, experienced relaxation and serenity, which, as they stated, they had not felt in a long time. The most remarkable experience was felt by the organizer of the meeting, Svetlana, to whom we gave the device upon arrival in Subotica because she complained about back pain. Although she carried the device around her neck, and not in the area of ​​pain, only one interval was sufficient to make the pain go away. Throughout our stay, with a smile on her face, she hopped around us, thanking us for the opportunity to test the device. At one of our next gatherings, we will repeat the procedure with those present. Until then, a big greeting from the Novi Sad crew. All the best.

Vlada Vlastic


I have to admit, I belong to a group of people who are fortunate in the sense that I have been bypassed, since the early days, by health problems that affect most people, such as influenza, sore throat, sinuses, migraines, fever, etc. I put down on paper everything that bothered me, before hanging the Lucha T8 device around my neck. Elbow inflammation, lower back pain, frequent mood swings in short time intervals (for no specific reason), a problem with falling asleep, and a major problem with concentrating. Conclusion - I crossed out most of these issues from that same paper I wrote on. I am now certain in the effectiveness of the frequency and the influence of the Lucha T8 device on the body!

Dejan Stoiljkovic


I am stating this as a doctor and as a user. I believe in official medicine, I am an empiricist, I believe in the official and the verified. I had pain in my cervical spine and my shoulder, I tried the Lucha T8 device and it helped me.

Biba Stankovic


It feels good to be doing something for myself, for it (the device) to soothe my sore shoulder and knee, not cure me. I want to say, among other things, that with the Lucha T8 device, I have a conscious, that every time I turn it on, I work, I think and I love myself.

Vuk Kandic


I would like to thank the Lucha T8 Team for helping me solve my knee problem. At first, I was skeptical, I didn't want to try any of those devices because I don't usually believe in that kind of medicine, actually I didn't believe in it, and then I had a serious meniscus problem and needed to have surgery. I did a Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and I consulted with three doctors who told me that I must have surgery of my right knee, actually the meniscus. I delayed it for six months, I was scheduled for surgery, I couldn't straighten my leg, I limped, I didn't walk normally and I was in a lot of pain. Then I tried the Lucha T8 device, literally holding it all day long for three days over the inflamed spot. I completely forgot about the pain and only then realized that it stopped. I have been walking for about a year now, I have no problems with my knee, for these reasons alone I joined the Lucha T8 Team because I believed and have experienced with my own body that the Lucha T8 device actually works. Since then, I have been using the Lucha T8 device non-stop, and so has my family, my wife, my children. I would recommend the Lucha T8 to anyone who has similar problems, or any other problem... Best regards

Romana Buncic


I am not a person who turns to nature for treatment, my choice was always traditional medicine, given the severe migraines I had from childhood to a hormonal disorder was diagnosed at puberty. A quick and easy solution. However, I used to take painkillers all the time, at the first sign of pain, because headaches were a very common occurrence and part of my everyday life. Therefore, the pain would temporarily stop, only for me to have a new headache maybe tomorrow / the day after tomorrow. Hormone therapy too, although I took my therapy, I still had an adrenaline rush. The adrenaline rush is not that much of a problem, you get used to it, but the drop in adrenaline, the lack of energy, is something I didn't have a cure for. Since a friend talked me into it, I tried the Lucha T8 device, assuming it wouldn't help. I wore it but didn't think about it. Or about myself. Until they asked me if I had any medication for a headache. That's when I realized I didn't remember the last time I had a painkiller. Months went by without any pills. I could not believe it. Then I started listening to my body, expecting this headache. I realized that in addition to the pain, there was also no change in energy, no adrenaline rush or drop. I feel good. Better. The headache, of course, still returned, but with taking over a few boxes of painkillers before, I've cut down to only one pill in the past 6 months! I continue to listen to my body, but no longer expecting pain or something bad, but its energy and its needs. Perhaps one of the effects of the Lucha T8, in addition to the absence of pain and hormonal balance, is positive thinking and balanced life.