The Schumann Resonance EP. 1

Speaker: Lucha T8 Team


A brief description of the origins and importance of the Earth’s Natural Frequency known as Schumman Resonance. Learn about the significance of the 7.83Hz frequency for your well being and overall health.



The Earth's magnetic field is dominant for life on earth... So, the magnetic energy of our planet is responsible for the natural biorhythm in our lives. Besides the Sun, a natural source of an electromagnetic field is the Earth itself. Its surface and the ionosphere form a huge capacitor where the ionosphere is a positive, and the ground is a negatively charged electrode.


This capacitor is charged somewhere around 100 times per second due to lightning around the world. Every moment, 1500-2000 storms occur on Earth, and every minute about 6000 lightings hit the ground. Lightning currents reach between 10,000 and 40,000 Amps. Since the atmosphere is not the perfect insulator, drainage currents that empty the capacitor pass through it.


In 1952, a German scientist, W.O. Schumann, discovered the existence of a natural radio signal that spread like a wave around our planet, between the Earth's crust and the ionosphere. After that, the signal was named the "Schumann's Resonance". It represents a set of signals of extremely low electromagnetic frequencies within the Earth's electromagnetic field.


It acts as a constant wave in the area between the surface and the ionosphere, with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. An interesting fact is that human brain waves resonate at a frequency of 7.83Hz (Theta brain waves 4-8Hz), and scientific research has shown that this is one of the essential conditions for good physical and mental health. There are currently many artificial extremely low frequencies in the Earth's atmosphere, therefore, the Schumann resonance may get lost due to the presence of all the other frequencies.


The Schumann resonance acts as a natural tuner for our biological oscillators. It has many positive effects on humans, ranging from faster recovery and wound healing to quicker learning. It harmonizes the body with the magnetic frequency of our planet and balances us with the natural matrix responsible for all life on Earth.


It helps with balancing the autonomic nervous system, reduces stress and increases concentration. In harmony with nature :)

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