In quantum medicine, what is a disease and how is it recognized by the body?

Speaker: Predrag Dugalić MD


Predrag Dugalić MD speaks about our body’s vibrations and why they are important for our immune system.


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Quantum medicine uses the knowledge of quantum physics which states that everything that exists vibrates. The theory of the dual nature of matter, consisting of a particle and a wave, or vibration, is constantly being confirmed. All that is alive and non-living can vibrate. Everything vibrates in our organism, from cells - intracellular elements and cellular components (organelles) - to entire organs and tissues.

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Our body also creates a protective energy, a vibrational aura, which protects it from the influence of various harmful radiation from the environment. As a result of vibrations in our body, our cells are created and function, organs communicate with each other. This communication is conducted through electromagnetic waves.

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The media through which they are transmitted is water that is found both within the cell and between the cells and water is the basic ingredient of our organism. The two most perfect things in the universe we know are the human body and water, which has amazingly good and healing properties for our organism.

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When this communication between cells is disturbed by some wrong information being conveyed and entering into the cell, energy changes occur are transmitted through electromagnetic waves, which can later lead to some serious damage to our body. This incorrect information is not only recognized by the endangered cells that have this information since this information rapidly spreads throughout our body.

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Therefore, all the cells in our body recognize that wrong information and start appropriately fighting it. This way, our immune system is activated, which is a strong protective barrier against the 'intruder' that has invaded our body. All this is conducted by vibrations - the transmission of information, communication between cells, and the fight against a harmful agent.

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Vibrations are transmitted, which is why it is very often said in quantum medicine that disease is a war of vibrations. Usually good vibrations beat the bad ones, just as the good bacteria in our body beat the bad ones. The basis of our organism is precisely to enable it, as a perfect system, to adequately combat the various harmful agents that surround us.

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The sooner we recognize and the sooner the organism recognizes this harmful information, its ability to defend itself will be much better and will be much more effective. If the organism cannot cope with the harmful agent it has recognized, then we can use modern quantum medicine techniques that enable us to reset the organism and slowly empower it to fight and strengthen its immune system as a whole.

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