Yoga is a word that appears very often in the media and has become an international term. However, despite the fact that almost everyone has heard of Yoga, many know very little about it. Yoga is much more than a designed method for perfecting the body!

What is Yoga for? Yoga is the science of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga’s homeland is India. The widespread art of calming and self-control used to be a thing available only to the elite: Buddhists and rich men because it was forbidden even to women. Yoga is a precious gift of Indian sages – Yogi, to the world. The science they developed, over hundreds and thousands of years, arose out of their desire to help people, in all possible living conditions, without the use of instruments, drugs, and other external means.

They wanted a method that would depend only on what every man already had: the method of his body, mind and spirit. Yoga is simple and natural and does not consist of many things, but only one: it is a wholesome system, which leads to unity.

Yoga is for everyone 

An ancient doctrine, or method – Yoga, exists for more than 5,000 years. It was distributed around the world relatively recently, two centuries ago. Interestingly, when you enter the Yoga practice room, you can see teenagers, athletes, middle-aged moms, older ladies, and even fitness enthusiasts all exercising together.

Everyone can get involved in exercises, and unlike others, training and sports, which focus on a certain population, yoga accepts all people. The fact is that yoga is carefully guarded and banned for other countries. Today it is an art, accessible to everyone. Yoga, what is it good for?

Dečko radi jogu u prirodi

Health benefits of yoga

The health benefits of yoga are great! What is yoga good for? Yoga has many beneficial effects on both the physical and mental health of people. Some say that Yoga is a set of heavier body positions.

However, the word “yoga” actually means to unite. It is an exercise that connects the body, mind and spirit, through different body positions, meditation and controlled breathing, which thus encourages relaxation and reduces stress.

Yoga helps us to get rid of that feeling of stress so that we can enjoy our life, spending it in joy and happiness. In addition to the psychological-spiritual benefits, the benefits of yoga are that it contributes to our physical health!

Improves cardiovascular health

Proper breathing during exercise is the best aerobic exercise (exercises that increase heart rate and breathing) for the body. The endurance of the heart, blood vessels and lungs increases, the absorption of oxygen in the body improves, and the blood pressure decreases. The risk of heart attack is reduced. Another great benefit of yoga!

Yoga helps reduce pain

Pain is caused by various factors and affects a person’s quality of life. A study on the impact of Yoga on pain was done in the United States, where more than a thousand men and women who suffer from long-term lower back pain were analyzed.

It has been determined that patients who practice the ancient Indian discipline – Yoga, are more likely to reduce the level of pain and improve their mobility. Yoga and meditation reduce pain in problems with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and pain in other chronic ailments. 

Increases strength, flexibility, and mobility

By constantly practicing Yoga, it increases strength! Yoga postures – asanas, activate every muscle. In this way it strengthens the whole human body. Also, the benefits of yoga are that it gives flexibility to the body, greater mobility and coordination of movements.

Žene rade jogu na terasi

Yoga’s effects on mental health 

Yoga relieves the physical effects of stress. Thanks to relaxation and breathing exercises, muscle tension can be removed, which is one of the physical manifestations of stress. In today’s pace of life, when someone asks: “What is yoga good for? – this is one of the most important answers! Yoga provides good mental health!

Improves memory 

Did you know that there is yoga that is specially designed for our brain and memory improvement? To practice brain yoga, you only need three minutes. These three minutes help you synchronize the left and right sides of the brain.

It also helps the brain gain energy, increases intellectual capacity and strengthens memory and concentration. This yoga exercise for the brain is good for patients with Alshayer’s disease, for the elderly, who suffer from memory loss. Ears are powerful points of acupressure and have a connection with the brain. Massaging the ears helps more energy flow to the brain.

Improves self-confidence

Yoga exercises help to restore self-confidence and over time lead to complete harmony of mind and body. However, if you are looking for one that will make you feel better in an instant, overcome insecurities and regain self-control, then this is the yoga position of Vrksasana (tree), which you can certainly do.

Decreases stress significantly

Here’s what yoga is good for. Yoga and meditation are really great exercises for reducing stress. One of the reasons why yoga is so effective in fighting stress is because it reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Yoga tends to bring your nervous system into better balance, resulting in a general sense of well-being.

So, have self-confidence, develop your willpower, ability to concentrate, your faith, and love – with the help of Yoga. Because by practicing Yoga you achieve health, composure, the calmness of mind, relaxation, reduction of stress and a feeling of inner freedom and peace.

Yoga develops a sense of the present moment, we become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings and we react properly to stressful situations in life. Yoga encourages us to think and act positively…

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