Nature is a living organism that grows, changes and develops. The same way we do. Nature has a great influence on our senses. It delights us with its beauty, or leaves us in awe, with its powers. What is so miraculous about nature, that it causes these feelings in us? Primarily, because nature is constantly changing.

It is different in each of its manifestations, depending on the season. In addition to diversity, nature has many different shapes, many different appearances, all over the planet and then it surprises us, with its beauty, or with one of its powers – a secret that we still don’t have the answer to.

Modern man, moved to cities dominated by asphalt and concrete, each day knows less and less about nature. Separated from plants, trees, animals, people are completely alienated from nature.

The connection with nature is in our roots! That is why in cities, we often lack: strength, air, health, inspiration, peace, beauty. Returning to nature, staying in it, an hour or two during the day or at least during the weekend, due to the hectic pace of living and working in the cities, will provide us with the necessary balance for the body but also for the spirit. Don’t forget to get your children used to this from an early age! This will give them the best opportunity to establish an emotional connection with nature.

By observing the phenomena in it, we will learn lessons, which will benefit us throughout our lives, and learn how to become ONE with our environment. Let’s renew those connections by saving children from the disorder of lack of nature!

Devojka na cvetnom polju

Nature heals

The benefits of nature are inexhaustible! Nature balances life within itself. It is a potential to which we need to return and which should be used for health. Unlike life in a city where life is lost, nature is a place where life returns. Staying in nature has been proven to heal!

Staying in nature has many benefits

The benefits of nature, we all felt while staying in it! The calming effects of being outside, among the trees, in the fresh air, with the breeze and the song of birds and worms, helps to slow down and bring our body and mind into rhythm.

Research was performed on patients who underwent surgery, where they stayed or observed nature. The result was that patients who had a view of the trees recovered faster than patients who had a view of the wall! The conclusion is that nature affects healing! The benefits of staying in nature are truly fascinating!

Reduces stress

We humans have spent the first few million years of our existence in the forests and before we have evolved as human beings. For the last 100 years we’ve been living in cities and modern, industrialized life. Our body and our nervous system need nature to tune in. Various researches have shown the advantages of nature: the human brain and body react together to nature, so it has been proven that being in nature helps against tension – it reduces stress and allows us to experience a deep sense of calm!

The advantages of staying in nature have been proven: an hour and a half of walking in nature (through a brain scan, which shows the line of blood flow through the brain), reduces activity in the area that affects nervousness, stress and depression. This research proves that the benefits of nature have incredible power to change the brain.

Devojka bere lavandu

Helps improve short-term memory

The inner connection with nature has a positive effect not only on the physical body, but also on the mind. There is long-term and short-term memory in our brain, and it is often the case that some information from memory cannot be recovered.

Thanks to frequent stays in nature, in its calming ambience of greenery, it has been shown that nature also influences the improvement of short-term memory. Going back to nature resets our memory. The benefits of nature are always at hand.

Nature increases creativity, inspiration

Many people who have returned to nature, to spend their free time in it, stated that the advantages of nature are reflected in the increase of their creativity and inspiration. That feeling has been proven by science in many studies. Connection with nature increases creative capacities. The benefits of staying in nature are unlimited.

Our deep biological connection with nature in this modern digital age, is what we need to nurture, through “forest medicine”: walking, or swimming (in clear waters) in nature.

Taking deep breaths of clean air, relaxation without thoughts, where we need to employ all our senses, surrendering body and spirit, all the charms of nature, to regain all our powers, which we lost by surrendering to urban, polluted, overcrowded cities in which we live. This inner need is the only “antidote” for technological influences, which have separated us from nature!

Therefore: let’s return to nature as soon as possible, because we are ONE with it!

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Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.