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Balance in life – the secret of a happy and fulfilled life

Author:Snežana Tucović

Balance = equilibrium.

The balance in life should be a balance of mind, body and emotions. A balance between business and private life. A balance in which we should pay equal attention to all aspects of our lives. Balance between your YES and NO.

In order to illustrate what it means to be in balance, what balance is in life, we will compare life with a car. In order for the car to move normally, it is necessary that all 4 tires are properly filled with air – balanced. Think about what happens if there is more air in one of the tires, or if the tires are inflated. What happens with driving?

It’s the same with our lives. In order to move properly and smoothly, we need to balance ourselves. A balanced life is the key to our health, success, good interpersonal communication, the satisfaction of creativity… Balance is the satisfaction of existence… the point from which we manage stress, but most importantly: Balance is the space for using all our internal resources and potentials. Balance as a challenge… Balance through which we acquire various, healthy habits and useful skills… Balance as the best teacher of priorities! Balance through which we sharpen our focus and self-discipline!

“Learn to lead life, don’t let life lead you.” – Osho

Drvo - balans u životu

How to achieve balance in life?

Tip # 1 – Set priorities in your life, and also on a daily basis

How? Think about your short-term and long-term goals and the most important thing that you need to do will stand out. For example: Is it more important to overdo any of your jobs every day, or to dedicate that time to yourself, children, or family?

Does it make sense to spend time on activities that are not your priority? Isn’t it much better that every day, you intend to lead a happy life – to make yourself or others happy? By loving yourself, you will love others, you will very easily set priorities for each day! You will very easily create a balance of priorities with love!

Tip # 2 – Learn to say NO!

Set boundaries for yourself and others – learn to say NO, to those who take away your energy, to those who are negative, to those who take advantage of you, to those who waste your time. Surround yourself with people who love you, who are positive. Turn to those from whom you can learn something new. And don’t forget to set boundaries for your family, children, friends, even parents, without any pangs of conscience. 

When you feel you need to say NO, feel free to tell them NO! Learn to set boundaries for yourself, especially when you work, because there is a time to work and a time to rest. Appreciate yourself and your time. Rest… Achieve a balanced life!

Tip # 3 – Time management is a must

Plan your time efficiently.

If you carefully plan your time every day, but also on a weekly basis, you will have time for everything you love: for fun, sports, reading, walking, resting, sleeping, meditation. Because if you don’t have time for yourself, you will have time for stress. Choose a fulfilled life for yourself. A life that is in balance!

Tip # 4 – Accept that you can’t control anything but yourself

Every day we come across many events and situations that we cannot control. Unpleasant things that we cannot influence happen to us. When we accept that, we become free! Therefore, following from unpleasant things or mistakes that you make, give yourself permission to take the helm of control (yourself), satisfied and aware, that by walking that path, you are actually learning, going towards the goal you have set for yourself. Balance is a walk to the inner goal you set!

Čovek meditira pored vode

Tip # 5 – Find your purpose and commit to it

Breathe life into your life by working dedicatedly on your dreams! Whether it be love for a career, family, art, or for yourself, someone else? That is precisely the secret of a happy life! To find your purpose and dedicate yourself to it. Leave it to your heart, which will guide you and which will whisper to you (when you realize your purpose): “These are tips for a happy life! This is a balanced life! ”

Tip # 6 – Nurture a good relationship with all people, whenever you can, do something good for others

You see all people as being good (because they are). Listen to them. Rare are those who listen. People mostly tell their stories without listening to others. Support them, understand them and forgive them. A fulfilled life is also in helping others! Balance in life is also in giving – helping.

By discovering the purpose of life, you will have a balanced life: you will have peace and harmony with yourself and the environment. You will grow spiritually, you will have enough energy to achieve all the set goals, or the desired change: to be more successful in what your heart has chosen! Through the realization that BALANCE is a WAY OF LIFE, whose skills we improve every day. By listening to our heart, our life gains the fullness and meaning and balance of all aspects of life!

What is the secret of the Universe – in MEASUREMENT, in the balance of one’s own physical and spiritual needs. When we have a measure, created in the heart, we have everything! The law of cause and effect, the law of work, effort, learning… self-commitment. We have a BALANCE of existence!

We invite you to join us, to work on your sense of balance, created in the heart, if you want to improve your life in the most important segments… If you want to be in peace and harmony with yourself and the environment. If you want to achieve all the goals and planned changes within yourself. If you want to be more successful in all aspects of life. If you want to discover the secret of a happy and fulfilled life.


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