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The therapeutic power of music and music healing

Author:Snežana Tucović

What is music for you? 

A pleasant sound, isn’t it? A sound that enhances existence. Could you imagine a life of complete silence? Life without the chirping of birds, without the sound of the wind, the getting of rain, the murmur of rivers, the roar of waterfalls, or the sound of the sea, the ocean … the buzzing of bees, the song of crickets, the croaking of frogs (at dusk). Ubiquitous, natural sounds, which are not created just to beautify the world – they are the sounds that heal us.

You have heard that plants grow better and faster with music. That has been proven. Sound waves, especially low-frequency music, affect the growth, flowering and ripening of fruits. Animals also react to music. Cows, for example, give much more milk, if they are exposed to sound – slower rhythm music, and chickens give more eggs.

If plants and animals react to beneficial sounds, why wouldn’t man react as well? It has been proven that sound has been used in medical practice for centuries, especially as a therapy in the treatment of mental health. Sometimes when we are tense, it is enough to listen for a few minutes to raindrops, or the waves hitting the shore – the noise of the sea, so we can calm down, and when it comes to stress, it is quite possible that there is no better recipe than a fifteen-minute bird song.

I believe you have heard of music healing.

What is music therapy?

From the beginning, people have expressed themselves through play and song. Hearing is the first sense, in the development of the human being, which in the embryonic phase, and develops before sight. It is precisely this fact that explains the enormous importance of rhythm and sound, through the history of human development, for the expression of emotional states (pain, joy, sadness).

Music therapy is a therapeutic method of using music in the treatment, rehabilitation of both children and adults who suffer from physical, mental, or emotional disorders. The goal of music therapy is to relax the patient, to stimulate and activate the patient, to release internal emotional charges, to support him in expressing emotions, as well as to socialize and rehabilitate him.

Music therapy activates the body, satisfies a person’s need for beauty, satisfies the need for a pleasant experience, stimulates the spirit. Music has a beneficial effect on awakening pleasure, reducing tension and relaxation.

Muzicke note

Music – remedy for body and soul

Believing in the healing power of music has been around for centuries. Testimonies of music therapy can be found in numerous sources of all people of the world, from ancient writings and biblical texts, through shamanic rituals and the history of musical instruments, to folk games and old lullabies. The Greek philosopher Aristotle claimed that: “Music has the power to form character”!

Orpheus tamed wild beasts with music, and he also gained the favor of the Gods. Plato also claimed that music is a great educator and a factor that participates in the formation of character. Because “the sound from the beginning of our life, transforms into something that stays in the skin, it is in our movements, it is the strength and driver of tension and relaxation” (Dr. Rolando Benenzon, music therapist).

Music healing, or music therapy, is truly a cure for the soul and the body, because the soul talks to us on more subtle energy levels, through the vibrant language of images, colors and sound, talking to us through frequencies. Everything is energy and everything vibrates, and colors and sound are the language of the universe, which we tune with music therapy.

How does body react to music? 

Everything on the planet has its own vibration. Whether we hear sound or not, everything has its own vibration, and the speed of vibration, ie. frequency, determines what the sound will be. The therapeutic power of music affects us at the cellular level. Different instruments create a different sound atmosphere, in which the body’s self-healing mechanisms are activated. Since our body and consciousness react to vibrations that come from outside, it is not surprising that there is interest in various sound therapies that exist today: gong therapy, sound baths, sound massages.

Many of them, however, have only been rediscovered models of healing that have existed since the time when musical instruments also existed. In the need to determine the meaning and direction of his life, the modern man, more and more often reaches for traditional knowledge and sources of wisdom, which will satisfy his aspiration.

The therapeutic power of music has proven to be a very effective way to improve health and general well-being, so that during sound therapy beneficial biochemistry takes place in our body, the molecular body harmonizes, we completely relax, cells regenerate, brain activity calms down.

We are the light in the body, which is often not seen due to our own darkness and “energy pollution”, we are the most wonderful sound moving instrument, since the Gods play, then, when we remember that notes are our life symphonies: love, joy, gratitude, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, peace, courage, openness…


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