In the past, many have regularly kept personal diaries in which they recorded current events and their observations. Without some of them, such as Anne Frank, we would not know much about important parts of history.

Since we now live in a more technologically advanced time, many run blogs or vlogs, and record their lives on social media, but a few take a pen in their hand and actually write down their thoughts.

But why should we keep a diary? What are the benefits of keeping a diary in the traditional way?

Keeping a diary is not only for children.

Keeping a diary is not a new phenomenon. Many choose to keep a diary, for a variety of reasons. People keep diaries because they think that something worth writing down is happening in their lives. But the definitions of a diary are many, and they depend on the perspective.

Although many diaries are kept out of personal pleasure, some are kept for business purposes in order to keep records of business, finances and similar. But whatever the reason for keeping a diary, the benefits that this habit brings are many.

Devojka piše u dnevnik

Advantages of keeping a diary

Once you form a habit of writing down your thoughts and feelings consciously and carefully and then looking back at what you have written down, you will be able to notice your behavioral patterns and recognize the good ones that help you achieve goals and respond effectively to challenges.

You will also be able to see what type of behavior stands in the way of your personal and professional growth, as well as nurturing healthy relationships with the people around you. Whatever you discover, you can apply and work on yourself.

Keeping a diary improves memory 

This is perhaps one of the primary reasons why diaries are kept. Your diary can be of great importance to you in remembering past events and emotions. It is enough to read what you did, felt and thought about on a certain day, and you will remember all the other details easily.

It is therapeutic 

We all like to talk to others about how we feel and about the problems we currently have in life. A diary is an alternative to venting out to your friends, where you can write down your every thought. 

Keeping a diary has a therapeutic effect because writing down problems is actually active work. Whenever you write down a problem that is bothering you, or when you say it out loud, frustration is reduced in a physical way.

Devojka zapisuje u dnevnik

Thorough diary you get to know yourself and create a realistic image 

Keeping a diary offers a chance to improve awareness and presence. Getting to know yourself in this way provides an opportunity to convey your feelings in a tangible way. Modern research on keeping a diary has shown that the very act of writing provides a tool to unlock your thoughts and feelings that you have suppressed.

It improves self confidence 

It may be hard to believe that keeping a diary can help increase self-confidence, but the fact is that it really can. What you should do is record only the positive things about yourself.

These can be some of your qualities or events in which you were feeling proud of yourself and felt pleasant. Through the diary, you can feel all those beautiful emotions again when you read what you wrote that day, and you will feel a high level of self-confidence.

Diary helps you achieve goals faster and easier

I’m sure you already know the benefits of writing down your goals by now. Then why not do it in your diary? Once you have written down your goals on paper, you can work them out in detail and try to make a plan for each goal individually. It is always easier to write and sketch on paper

I hope you will now understand why it is so necessary to keep a diary because there are really many good reasons for it. Try keeping a diary and you will see how much fun it is. In addition, you will improve your writing skills, your emotional side and you will see your future goals much more clearly.

For whatever reason you decide to keep a diary, remember that there is no wrong or right approach. It’s all up to you. The very act of devoting time to yourself, your mental health, body and spirit is what really matters and what counts.

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