The richness of emotions, which we are able to feel from joy, through enthusiasm, kindness, feelings of pride, to fear, shame, guilt, sadness… It tells a lot. The Latin origin of the word “emotion” indicates some change, movement.

What holds our emotions together, that is, what influences our feelings and mood the most? These are of course our thoughts and it is very important to be aware of them and to understand them. There are many factors that affect our thoughts. If you are wondering how to improve your mood and what are the factors to look out for, here are some of them.  

Surround yourself with people you love 

The best way to improve your mood is warm company, people dear to you who are always ready to listen, sympathize, rejoice, understand, forgive and laugh with you. And what is especially precious, while you are crying on a friendly shoulder, they not only understand your situation, but are also ready for anything, so that only you can feel better.

Learn how to deal with negative thoughts

When we say you need to deal with negative thoughts, we mean you need to “wake up” your thoughts! By that, you should primarily understand that you become aware of those positive and negative thoughts that affect your mood on a daily basis.

Our mind is constantly dealing with various things in every split second, one look at some object, some landscape is enough, and it causes a storm of emotions in us. Did the object itself have that power to provoke such feelings in us? Well of course not. These are our thoughts. A lot of things depend on our thoughts, without us even being aware of it.

When a person learns to master their thoughts, they have succeeded in the most important battle: how to improve their mood – the battle with themselves. That is why it is often said “Beat yourself and you have conquered the whole world”. Don’t let negative thoughts affect you. Just watch them and they will pass. In that way, you become the master of your feelings

Be patient with yourself 

“Be patient with yourself. You may oscillate between the old and the new, from the hour you decide to change, to the hour you really succeed. Don’t be angry with yourself. You want to build yourself. You may want to use meditations and other techniques for your own change, every day, until you build confidence in your power to bring about change. This is the time to wake up.

Know that you are always safe. It may not seem like it to you at first, but over time you will learn that life is always available to you. Know that it is possible to safely and pass from the old order to the new one! “… (Her advice for good mood will surely be believed by you – Louise Hay)

Get a good night sleep 

If we didn’t live in a suit called “body”, maybe our good mood would be much more stable. All the movements of a beautifully organized Soul directly depend on physiological factors. This includes good sleep, i.e. respecting the body’s need to sleep. If you wake up in a bad mood, you will know that you probably haven’t slept enough. 

Devojka sluša muziku i igra

Listen to your favorite music

One of the allies of our good mood is music. There is something in it, when we listen to it, that simply relaxes every cell of our organism and thus makes it stronger, in every sense. Music affects our mood a lot, so we should never listen to one that is completely contrary to how we feel at the moment. Anyway, it can cheer us up when we are sad and calm us down when we are nervous and under pressure. We just need to find a balance in the change we want to achieve and then indulge in rhythm, favorite music and that’s how to be in the mood!

Watch a comedy or whatever makes you laugh

If you are one of those who watch TV and do not take your eyes off the screen and the ugly news, it will not improve your mood. It will only increase your suffering and bad mood. What can help you is called romantic or just comedy. Laughing will make you feel better for sure and then you have the strength to push through even the hardest efforts.

Clean your closet, room or apartment 

It has been scientifically proven that our living space has a great impact on our good mood. A house or an apartment is the space where we spend the most time and where we “charge the batteries”. You need to feel good in your home, to be satisfied, to have the feeling of inner peace.

Given that life is increasingly stressful nowadays, our living space should encourage positive energy and be a calming place. You will hardly be able to be in the mood, if your apartment, bedroom, or closet is full of scattered things, which irritate you. A tidy space is a prerequisite for a good mood.

One of the key words to improve your mood is change. We have seen that emotions themselves, with their Latin origin, are connected to change and movement. The path of change is the only true path, and we can also call it the path of healing the Soul, the path of finding your primordial Being, searching for yourself, healing the Soul, strengthening the inner Being, the path of liberation of true authenticity, the path of joy and freedom!

Our inner world and our inner spiritual wealth attracts every other wealth! The secret of success is in us, and it is our duty to discover it every day. That revelation is our greatest joy – our greatest mood!

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