The most desirable situation, or conditions that we want to create (or achieve) in our life, are the goals that every person sets for themselves through life. Goals, from the small everyday ones, to the big ones, which take more time, are our guiding stars.

Goals in life and personal goals give us meaning and determine the direction of life. Without desires, we would have no goals, and without goals, we would have no accomplishment. Goals serve us to keep us from getting stuck in routine and insecurity. Goals determine what is next, what we should do, in the realization of our desires. That’s why it’s important to set goals for yourself.

How to set goals?

Why is it so important to set goals? Goals are a guide, which help us focus our attention on the tasks that are needed, in order to achieve our goal. And to achieve goals, we need to know how to set goals in life. Goal setting is a process that starts with a plan of what we want.

How to set goals? The most important thing is that the goals are in line with our emotional desires, because then they affect the strength of our emotions and actions. Any idea, which we imagine in our head, for just a few moments, we need to develop into a short film, and then through the feeling that the goal has been achieved, we feel happy! Yes! Let that thought that made you feel happy become your goal! It’s the secret to setting personal goals!

In its realization, the way of thinking and the way of looking at situations is important. As with everything, so in order to achieve goals, it is necessary to invest positive emotion. It is recommended that you write down that goal in a notebook, because it strengthens the achievement.

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Why are life goals so important?

Why is it important to set goals? The importance of goals is truly great, because they are a powerful motivator. This means that we need to decide what is beneficial for our well-being and then set goals, which affect the strength of our emotions and actions. And the more successful steps we take, the more positive emotions we experience, as well as more faith in our abilities and strengthen our self-confidence. The way of finding ways and skills to achieve a goal increases our efficiency and enriches our knowledge.

The importance of goals accelerates:

  • personal development
  • motivation
  • responsibility
  • achievement orientation
  • better decision making
  • learning priorities
  • developing our skills and talents

Elaborate your goals on smaller tasks

If you are not able to achieve some of your goals immediately or they seem difficult, by a habit, you will postpone them as much as possible. In order to avoid that, it is necessary to divide all your goals (especially long-term ones) into smaller ones and thus achieve them in a timely manner, step by step. Complex goals also need to be divided into smaller ones. After dividing the goal into smaller and “achievable” parts, make an action plan with responsibilities and time frames.

Define the most important points of the goals, in the process of achieving them and try to anticipate possible problems. Here’s an example: if you have to read a book of a few hundred pages, make a plan so that your goal is to read, to read a few dozen pages a day. In this way, you will turn a long-term goal (to read hundreds of pages) into ten short-term ones, in fact dozens of pages a day.

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How to achieve the set goals?

Goals in life, personal goals… whatever they are, dedicate yourself to them. Set frames yourself for yourself. Determine the time you need for their realization. Think about the activities you will take to accomplish them.

Try to anticipate possible obstacles along the way, as well as the way you will overcome them,or avoid them. Sit down and write down your goals. Take the time to set quality goals. Decide on the first step and start the realization. It is important to keep in mind all the time why you are doing what you are doing, especially if at some point your goal seems too difficult, far away.

And when you finally achieve your goal, pay attention to things you have understood and felt on the way. What you went through is a learning process, which motivated you to go forward, further in your desires, to grow and learn. Achieving a goal will give you a sense of value, strength for new successes. Remember that no matter how big, no matter how small, everyday personal goals help us gain even more self-confidence and take control of our lives.

And finally, a wonderful piece of advice from the wise Ivo Andrić:

“You want a lot, you strive boldly and far and high, because high goals reveal and multiply the forces within us.”

So go now and don’t be afraid to achieve all your goals!

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