Imagine being able to capture the breeze, relaxation and that feeling of vacation and bring it into your home. Because it is absolutely possible!

Through the calm décor that makes you feel warm and comfortable, you can transform your home into a peaceful oasis.

We reveal to you how to turn your home into a refreshing, peaceful oasis in several quick and easy ways.

Natural light works wonders

There is no substitute for the sun’s rays when it comes to creating a calm, balanced space. Not only is sunlight aesthetically more pleasing than artificial light, it reduces anxiety and blood pressure, and stimulates the production of the hormone serotonin.

Here are some tips and tricks for creating a sunny space: Replace wooden doors with glass wherever you can, replace dark curtains with thin, airy ones and add mirrors to your home! If a bush or something in the yard blocks your window – remove it (if you can, of course).

Choose the right colors

Surely you have heard before that colors affect mood and emotions. We can’t exactly describe that feeling, but colors often make us like something or dislike it. On the other hand, what you consider a soothing color, for example, will not be the same for everyone.

When decorating your home and turning it into a peaceful oasis, think carefully about what makes you calm and which places relax you. If it is the sea, then choose blue as the main color.

Many interior designers agree on the fact that lighter colors have a more calming effect, while dark colors offer a different kind of comfort and coziness.

It is best to start with a neutral base and then add colors based on your mood. The shades of yellow and orange are energetic and fun, which makes them great for the kitchen, and not so good for the rooms where you want to relax. Shades of green and blue can have a very calming effect, just be careful when choosing specific shades and do not choose too dark ones.

Also avoid white walls, and use softer, more neutral tones like light gray and beige instead.

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Less is more

Clutter is the enemy of a peaceful home. Even if you try to tidy up regularly, too many things in the space can create clutter and unnecessary stress.

Set aside a few hours this weekend to tidy up your home. If you don’t use something, get rid of it! And don’t buy similar things again, once you get rid of them and you haven’t used them before or served any purpose.

A neat room gives you space to breathe calmly, think and enjoy what you have. Let’s repeat together: Less is more.

Bring those positive details into your home

Small details play a big role.

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers on the table, a bowl of fruit, a photo of your family on the wall or even a picture painted by your child, these are details that bring positive emotions and reactions into the home.

Don’t forget the plants!

This is very important.

Remember that plants make the space harmonious. They clean the air, improve the mood and improve the focus. Use plants to create an accent in your home, either in the form of full shelves of flowers, which also represent art. If you do not have experience with caring for plants, there are always succulents, which are easy to nurture, rarely watered and are extremely unusual and will decorate your space.

In addition to all the above tips and changes, maintaining peace in your home is a continuous process. Take about twenty minutes each day to clean your home. And adopt the habit of tidying the bed behind you when you get up – that way you will have the feeling that you have accomplished something and you will be in a good mood in the evening when you go to sleep.

With the right elements and a few good habits, you can turn your home into a peaceful oasis, where you can relax and feel comfortable, recharge your batteries and move on to conquering every day.

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