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Gardening – a hobby that calms and heals

Author:Snežana Tucović

I believe that you have also witnessed when young people behave like some annoying seniors, and that you have seen or heard about people who, in their very late years, radically change their way of life and to the amazement of others, start diving, by painting, hiking, or gardening.

Why is it important to preserve that childish spark of curiosity and joy, with which we discover the secrets that life brings us? Because our every decision, to get rid of inertia and change something, strongly increases our energy potential, that is, vitality, creativity, courage and self-confidence. Gardening, as one of the hobbies, opens the door to the very center of our powers, our senses become sharper, our energy is increased, we think and react faster, we feel powerful. Gardening as a hobby calms and heals us!

Gardening for beginners

The first gardening tip for beginners is to start with a small garden. In addition to gaining practice on how to plant a garden and how to nurture plants, you will also have an attractive garden, balcony, or terrace. With this first piece of advice, don’t forget that the love you give to plants is the greatest gardening magic for beginners!

  • The answer to the question: how to plant a garden and make them thrive, is in the love you will give to the plants!
  • Second tip: Find a sunny spot for your small garden.
  • Third: Water the plants as soon as you plant them and don’t forget to check the soil moisture daily. Stick your finger into the ground, to a depth of 2.5 cm. If the soil is dry, it’s time to water!
  • Fourth: After a month, it is necessary to fertilize the plants, through irrigation. The recommendation is every 7 to 14 days, but follow what is written on the instructions for that plant.
  • Fifth: As soon as your plants grow and mature enough, you can pick and eat them.

When you gain enough experience – you are ready for a bigger garden.

Benefits of gardening 

Gardening as a hobby has many advantages. Gardening is a great way to get out, away from your daily routine, and practice your creativity. Gardening is good for your health, no matter how old you are. On average, gardeners are happier people. But gardening is not just a hobby, which relaxes.

Psychological research says that gardening can have an almost magical effect and affect how you experience time. Many past and present gardeners have described this experience of exclusion from hectic, modern life, or problems, when they are in their garden or yard. Gardeners usually say that the time in the garden is shorter than it actually is. 

As a physical activity, gardening in a natural way improves heart function, builds and increases endurance and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Just 30 minutes of moderate-level physical activity, several days a week, can prevent and control high blood pressure. The garden affects our whole organism.

Oprema za baštu

Gardening relaxes 

The garden affects our whole organism. You certainly didn’t know that gardeners have lower levels of stress hormones, cortisol, sleep better at night, are more relaxed and have better mental health. Gardening as a hobby is the most powerful tranquilizer pill! Yes, gardening really does calm!

You enjoy the fruits of your labor

People are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy diet and organically grown vegetables and fruits, and city gardens are becoming increasingly popular – larger plots divided into several owners, who grow vegetables, fruits or other plants, for their own use and application. So you will not only enjoy your garden and plant cultivation, but also the organic fruits that it will bring you.

This wonderful, magical game of gardening is a natural game, because people are designed to look at nature – flowers and grass, and not at steel and concrete. This is about biophilia – an instinctive connection between people and nature, which is noticeable, in our urge, to imitate it by planting flowers and arranging greenery, which goes beyond cultivating the land for the sake of survival.

Gardening encourages awareness. Contact with nature brings the mind into a state similar to meditation. “When you look intensely at something, or when you bend down to smell something, you bypass the analytical function of the brain.” You are in this present moment. Gardening enables man to become one with nature and to connect with the currents of the entire living world.

Gardening gives us “grounding”. Digging the ground, plucking weeds, planting, transplanting, pruning – all these are stage works on maintaining the life cycle of plants. The garden is a microcosm of birth, growth and death. Sometimes plants spread, often wither, rot and “die”. No preference. Life goes on. Cover with soil and replant. In addition, gardening allows us to disconnect from everyday activities and modern problems and to deal with what our ancestors did for centuries. It connects us on many different levels.

Gardening strengthens our senses. The garden is like a holiday for all our senses. Visually, the power of the flowers is obvious. We smile at the explosion of colors in a garden, or on just one flower. Children immediately, instinctively, touch and pick silky flowers. Many flowers provide wonderful scents.

Gardening is creative. Each garden brings the opportunity to paint a beautiful picture – just as an artist does, using colors, sizes and shapes for his landscape masterpiece. When we choose the place where the plants will be planted, and what exactly will be planted, how the plant will be supplied with water and exposed to the sun, we give a creative challenge to our brain.

Gardening is a sublime activity!


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