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Advantages of taking a stroll – why we would need to walk more

Author:Snežana Tucović

Walking is a person’s ability, but also a skill, which is, with a lot of effort, learned in the first year of life. Through the establishment of balance and coordination of body movements, walking is one of the first signs of our independence and the parents’ greatest joy. Once we perfect that skill, walking becomes an unconscious, natural, automatic action.

We find it so hard to master the first steps, and yet so easy to forget how much walking means to us. Today, due to the fast pace of life, walking has turned into a waste of time and physical effort.


Man has perfected the means of transportation, but has also lost contact with nature. One is no longer a passenger in those vehicles, but rather a package that is being transported, from place to place.

The intelligent people of the past, who have preserved an awareness of the benefits of walking, make it clear to us:“Walk more, because walking, that simple movement in space and time, is extremely important for people! Be aware of the connection between walking and creative thinking! Walking is not just a physical movement, it is also a way of thinking and a way of seeing and feeling things.”

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Otac i ćerka zajedno šetaju u prirodi

Present-day experts are also trying to draw our attention: “Be aware: walking is health!” 

They advise: “Walk as much as you can and whenever you get the chance.” 


After only 30 minutes of brisk walking, there is a significant improvement in the overall health state of the body. You can divide the daily 30 minutes into several smaller walks – the effect will be the same. It is best if you can find time for nature walks!


Our body vibrates together with the landscape, it becomes a part of it. And as we walk, the feelings are more intense, we feel the eternity of everything, because we are deeply connected to nature, for we are a part of it (and we have forgotten that).

By exploring the beautiful natural landscapes and breathing fresh air, you will rest your soul and body. When you get into the daily rhythm of a 30-minute walk, slowly increase your walking time. This is also the cheapest way of physical activity, because nothing is spent due to this activity (there is no cost)!

Walking is also an art – a passion for walking as for creativity, which liberates and humanizes.

If you have limitations and cannot be in nature, there is a way to partially make up for it.

Osunčan putić u šumi

Advantages of walking and brisk walking

It has been scientifically proven that through a state of increased but well-balanced concentration (imagining brisk walking), where concentration must be neither too rigid nor too loose, but such as in meditation, by deep breathing and imagining the rhythm of fast steps and the body being in nature, the body experiences and manifests almost the same fatigue and feelings, as when walking in nature!

Use this only in exceptional cases, because contact with nature is still the crown of success and a gift to your spirit and body!

The health benefits of walking, and chiefly brisk walking, are numerous:

  • reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attack 
  • improves sleep quality 
  • reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes 
  • protects against depression 
  • reduces the risk of bone fractures in old age 
  • helps fight stress 
  • reduces the risk of breast and bowel cancer 
  • improves mood 
  • encourages weight loss 
  • has a positive effect on the joints and reduces pain caused by arthritis 
  • walking burns calories and fat 
  • walking reduces stress levels 
  • walking preserves joints and bones 
  • walking balances the mind and body
  • makes you happy 
  • helps improve memory 
  • teaches you to practice patience

Brisk walking and health are directly related, so take 30 minutes every day for this activity and your body will thank you for it! 

An action that always carries on: let’s walk more, for our own benefit!


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