People like plants the most because of their aesthetics, beautiful smell, and some because they are edible and medicinal. The most beautiful thing about any plant is that, just like trees, they are considered the “lungs” of our planet, because they have the power to produce oxygen in the process of photosynthesis.

Plants are not only good for improving air quality, but also eliminating toxins, chemical fumes, microbes from the air, and mold. Plants stimulate productivity, concentration, strengthen memory, affect insomnia, and at the same time bring the humidity to the appropriate level.

For all these reasons, man brought plants into his home. We call these plants by one common name – houseplants. Among them, there are certainly those that are the best houseplants, and we would single out the following as our favorites and as plants that purify the air very well.


Dracena is one of the best houseplants. Dracena is of African origin, more precisely from Madagascar, and its name translated from Greek means “female dragon”, so dracena is also known under that name. This decorative indoor flower is extremely suitable for the apartment due to the easy maintenance and beneficial effects it has on the air in the room.

Dracaena can be said to be one of the best plants that clean the air. Like indoor flowers, it requires a lot of light, but do not expose it to direct drafts. It should be watered every four days with rainwater or stagnant water. It is important to keep the air moist, dry air does not affect it. Minimum winter temperatures for these house plants and their proper growth and development are from 15 ° C to 18 ° C, and in summer from 23 ° C to 26 ° C.

Replanting should be done in the spring, usually every other year, for which a deep pot is ideal, with good drainage as well.

Sobno cveće dracena


This plant, which is one of the favorite houseplants, or plants that clean the air, is not the least demanding but you can keep it in the light or in the shade. In light, chlorophytum becomes lighter over time, and the stripes on its leaves are very decorative, while in shade they gradually disappear.

Chlorophytum, like houseplant, absorbs exhaust gases very efficiently. Therefore, this plant as a flower that cleans the air is simply necessary for everyone who lives on the first and second floor. Also, this plant is unavoidable in the homes of those who smoke, because it perfectly neutralizes tobacco smoke.

We all spend a large part of our lives in the house and that is why it is important to have plants for the room, or plants for the house, which will create pleasant living conditions.

Ficus Benjamin (weeping fig)

It originates from South and Southeast Asia and Australia, although it can be found in all warm parts of the world, ficus Benjamin is one of the favorite houseplants. There is almost no home that is not decorated with “crying figs”, as these flowers are still called.

Ficus Benjamin is a houseplant. It can be grown as a potted shrub, or as a tree. Benjamin ficus requires a lot of light, but not too strong, so you can place it a meter from the window, or even in the shade / partial shade. Watering this houseplant during the summer days should be done two to three times a week, and during the winter once a week.

Feeding is done once a month in spring and summer, with a solution of water and preparation for leafy houseplants.

Since it is one of the houseplants that clean the air, ficus Benjamin is the best house plant that purifies the air and is one of the best plants against insomnia.

Fikus bendžamin

Chamaedorea salon palm

Originating from the tropical jungles of southeastern Mexico and Guatemala, this member of the large palm family reaches a relatively small height in room conditions – Chamaedorea elegans usually does not exceed 1.20 m. The elongated leaves on the elegant branches make this palm a welcome decoration in many interiors. This hardy houseplant has acquired many names – “salon palm”, “elegans” – after the Latin name.

It should not be under direct sunlight, because they will cause brown spots on the leaves. Also known by the nickname “salon palm”, Chamaedorea does not like overfeeding – that is, once a month in spring and summer and once every two months during autumn and winter. Keep in mind that palm trees have a long root, so it would be good for the pot to be deep and narrow.

Flowers for purifying the air in the spaces in which we live, encourage a feeling of well-being and influence us to be calm and optimistic. In addition, these plants for the room are already known to reduce blood pressure, and thus stress. Indoor plants that clean the air actually produce oxygen and reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the air, so if you keep them in your home, you are less likely to inhale stale air, which contributes to headaches.

If you expose children at an early age to some plants that are associated with allergies, it can be a kind of “vaccination”, which will help strengthen the child’s immunity.

Indeed, there are many reasons to bring these wonderful plants into your home.

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