In a hidden expanse, in a deep, Miraculous Forest, where the harmony of connection, communication of plant life, animal life and a small number of people is preserved, gathered together, Mother Earth addresses the Last Knight:

– “My dear son, I have been trying to draw the attention of the human race for a long time. I am sacrificing a part of myself: floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes… to show them that they have grown apart. I am trying to make them aware, that there is an invisible, the mighty World of the Law of the Universe, which they have forgotten about. I want to try, again, with your help! The task is to draw their attention, to the awakening of the knowledge that they carry within themselves! To remind them of the wisdom and purpose of existence. To bring them back to the stage of general goodness.

I have high hopes for you, because of your knightly qualities: courage, wisdom… because of your honor, truthfulness, perseverance. Because of your patience, love!… You also have the knightly skill of the mind, to find your way around and point out the most important knowledge to your sisters and brothers.

–   In this time, in which most of my sons and daughters sleep, in a deep dream of oblivion, you are given the most responsible task. You need to convey a live message to them, of returning to the right path, the path of conscious and responsible living! On the path of knowledge, which they carry WITHIN THEMSELVES. On the inner vision, which they suppressed, blinded by the illusion of the material world.

Spread this truth, which I entrust to you to carry to them, from door to door. From man to man! My sons and daughters, they need to remember who they are in deep connection with and what keeps them away from me. I’m starting from the beginning again. Now you are bringing them a message, what is the biological frequency, with which everything is connected and on which their (and my) health depends.

Last Knight, please explain to them vividly, so that those images of truth would shine in their hearts and illuminate that path of awakening. Remembering that we are ALL connected.

Let that image be strong. I am giving you an idea, and you, with your clear mind, deepen the story, because my children, by creating images of the TRUTH (imagining) unconsciously collect information and by depositing it, they unlock knowledge from their DNA. Some will shudder in imagination while you speak, some will rejoice… some will cry. All this is the confirmation of the Soul, which recognizes the truth (in the story) with the heart.

Let your words be the power of a living image, let my sons and daughters imagine:

In the cavity, which is between my surface and the ionosphere, there is a natural radio signal – wave. I, your Mother Earth, am negatively charged, and the layer above me – the ionosphere, is positively charged. This is how we create an electric charge, from which a natural radio wave is created, created by the electric discharge of lightning. The magnificence is that all forms of life from simple single-celled organisms, to complex ones – you, my sons and daughters, ALL vibrate at my frequency.

Oscillating in my rhythm, the living world (on Earth) comes to a state of harmony, in whose aegis all life has evolved! My frequency – a steady wave, the part between my surface and the ionosphere, is equal to my circumference (the circumference of the Earth). The frequency of this wave is 7.83Hz. This frequency and its origin was discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann. In his honor, it was named the Schumann Resonance. I thank him, for pointing out its existence to you and for immediately noticing that this resonance is identical to the frequency of the human brain! Actually, the frequency of my (Earth’s) magnetic field is the frequency of alpha waves in the human brain. This means that not only people are in sync with each other, within the frequency of the Schumann Resonance, but more importantly, they are also in sync with me.

Dear Last Knight, to my sons and daughters you need to point out the MOST IMPORTANT: THAT HUMAN HEALTH DEPENDS ON THE COMPLIENCE WITH MY FREQUENCY, CALLED SCHUMAN RESONANCE! They need to understand that when they are separated from this rhythm, they become emotionally disturbed. Their body experiences tremendous stress! Their sleep/awake rhythms are disrupted. All this creates the basis for the development of mental and physical diseases.

By being separated from me – Mother Earth, separated from nature, my sons and daughters created devices that have an effect on the increase of the Schumann resonance. They have created antennas, mobile devices and many electrical devices, they have magnified bad, negative thoughts and all of that further and further distances their connection with me, but also disrupts my natural rhythm. With them, my rhythm also increases.

Wonderful Last Knight, with the power of your love convey to my children that they should know that by being connected to my frequency of 7.83Hz they will recover faster from illness, they will heal their wounds faster… My frequency of 7.83Hz also affects the production of hormones, it is also preventive against viruses, enhances concentration, relieves pain. It affects both the pineal gland and hormone production, especially melatonin, an important nerve hormone and oncostatic (which prevents cancer). It affects the growth hormone. It’s the solution for fatigue and lethargy. Your brain is the electromagnetic system itself, synchronized to my frequency, which affects the strengthening of the immune system, improvement of health and leads to deep tranquility, to the balance of the whole body! My harmonic oscillation becomes the frequency of your heart and brain waves – the experience of unconditional love – the frequency at which healing occurs.”

Unable to contain himself, in a rush of increased love and gratitude, for all that Mother Earth had said, the Last Knight spoke: “Allow me, Mother Earth, to lovingly add: All cells are joyfully vibrating in resonance with your frequency. Thank you, dear Mother Earth, for showing us all the benefits of returning to the path of light and connecting with You! Yes! I felt with my heart and understood: If every person on the planet tried to keep their feelings at 7.83Hz we would have Heaven on earth. A perfect place to live, in which there would be a state of calmness, inspiration and creativity, in which human consciousness would be renewed… We could clearly see ALL the obstacles on the way to our goals and success and we could easily overcome them!

Mother Earth, it will be my honor to convey your messages to every person on Earth!

“Our vital energy, thoughts and emotions are electromagnetic vibrations with which we shape the world, and therefore we take care of our physical and spiritual “sound”. We swim in an ocean of energy… It is all around us, we just have to reach out and grab it… By moving energy, we can influence not only the processes in our organism, but also the movement of the stars and other events in the cosmos. Everything is made of mass, energy and light.”

Nikola Tesla

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.