All of us, people, through life, express many emotions: anger, rage, condemnation, depression, hopelessness, guilt, greed, sadness, worry, restlessness … but also joy, happiness, hope, serenity, love. As we mature, we gain insight into what it means to be human!

The goal is to develop, discipline and choose your feelings! But most people, growing up, get off track. As we grow up (from our environment, from our loved ones, and from society), we begin to gather the wrong ideas and conclusions, which close our connection with our inner wisdom. In most cases we start copying each other (in almost everything). We are moving further and further away from our essence, the real us. Completely forgetting that we are unique, perfect and that each of us has a unique role to play while staying on Earth! And so we create a gap within us, (a gap with others) by not loving, self-condemning, or blame our parents, the environment, when in fact, we seek justification for our distancing. Many start having feelings like guilt, self-criticism, and even self-hatred … suppress emotions … all of which raise the level of physical stress and weaken the immune system.

Due to all of this, because of the feelings we express through dissatisfaction, our experiences are not very nice. They reflect our beliefs. Everything in our lives is a mirror image of ourselves! When something unpleasant happens to us, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves: “How am I contributing to this experience? What is it in me that believes that I deserve this?” What is the lesson in all this? The lesson is ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF! To accept ourselves as we are, without condemnation. Even if we do not know how to love ourselves, but if we are willing to return to our essence, if we want to work on realizing WHO WE ARE, change will start on its own. Then we will open miraculous doors of insight and we will realize that all our so called “problems” are only our chances to grow, to change, and that most problems come from the vibrations WE REJECT!

The conclusion is that we need to return to the purity of spirit, where we truly love ourselves! We need to change our mindset, to establish that childhood innocence in life and the joy of existence, from moment to moment! To understand and forgive others, to be grateful (to everyone and everything) and to remember that we are all connected by invisible (threads) forces! To mature emotionally, to understand that: the cure is in our heart!

The greatest genius reminds us of this:

“The disappearance of a star and the appearance of comets affect us more than we can imagine. The relationships between Earth’s creatures are even stronger, because of our feelings and thoughts, the flower will perfume even more beautifully or fall into silence. We must learn these truths to be healed. The remedy is in our hearts and equally, in the heart of the animals, we call the Universe. “

Nikola Tesla


Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.