Candles have come a long way since their first use, 5 000 years ago. Very little is known about the origin of the candle. Although it is often written that candles were developed by the ancient Egyptians, who used the first types of lighting – torches, the Romans were the first to make candles – rolled papyrus, soaked in heated tallow, with the intention of illuminating the way for passengers to their homes at night.

A big change occurred when wax candles began to be used in Europe in the Middle Ages. They burned much longer and created a stronger and cleaner light, with a more pleasant smell (unlike tallow). Mostly because they were expensive, they were used by wealthy sections of society in church ceremonies. Tallow candles were used mostly until the 13th century.

With the invention of the light bulb in 1879, the production and use of candles began to decline, which lasted until the beginning of the 20th century, when candles found a new dimension of use and regained their popularity.

Today, candles represent celebrations, romance, relax the senses, determine the ceremony, and emphasize the home decor.

Advantages of candles – why candles look relaxing

Do you know the benefits of candles and how candles relax? Candles are an indispensable part of festive moments, but they can also beautify everyday life. One lit candle has an open flame that is a powerful source of energy, the element of fire. A lighted candle creates a special atmosphere.

It has the purpose of accelerating something or intensifying it, by the favorable influence of natural forces inside and outside us. The flame of a candle allows us to connect more deeply with our thoughts and emotions. We will feel that the candle illuminated us with its flame with love, warmth, healing energy with which it radiates. That’s how candles relax! Even if we are overwhelmed with sadness, pain or fear, the flame will bring us relief.

The advantage of candles is much more than that. Candles a symbol of man, who wants to establish contact with the energies that flow through nature. Whether you’re aware of that, or not, in the presence of a lighted candle, people experience that primordial feeling of relaxation, strength and inner beauty. That is why it is no coincidence that candles have taken a central place in the most important events in our lives: at baptisms, birthdays, festive gatherings, weddings, romantic dinners, New Year’s holidays, celebrations, spas, restaurants, and funerals.

Sveća sa novogodišnjim ukrasem

Candles soothe and relieve stress

To check if the candles are soothing, try to create a special atmosphere with scented candles, in the space where you are staying or sleeping. Be sure to choose natural scented candles, because paraffin scented candles are harmful to health. Scented candles are a great way to soothe our body and mind because the natural scents of candles soothe, complement the pleasant light, and help create a beautiful atmosphere.

The natural scents added to candles are fruity, or floral. Choose the one you like best and let the scent seduce you. Use this beauty on everyday occasions, because the flame of a candle, emitting the most beautiful scents, will help you find your peace and relieve you of stress. Yes, candles soothe!

They improve the quality of sleep

After relaxing with scented candles before going to bed, inhaling your favorite scents before or during sleep, you will influence your current mood and how future mood, when you wake up. Surrounded by the scent (candle) you love, it will affect the quality of your sleep.

There is evidence that certain scents, such as lavender, valerian, and jasmine, can slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure, so it brings you to a relaxed state. So calm you enter into quality, peaceful dreams. Yes, the benefits of candles are also in improving the quality of sleep!

They increase focus

Why use candles and how can they increase focus? Many people do not know that by looking at a candle, we can purify our energy and auric field, but also help increase focus. If you do silence (meditation) and have difficulty with thoughts, which hinder you in meditation, by looking at the flame of a candle, at one point, with a little persistence, you will discover another benefit of candles.

You will understand the benefits of using candles in meditation as well. Just keep your eyes fixed on the candle flame and allow your natural breathing rhythm to fill your consciousness. In time, you will discover that something special is happening, whenever you go deep into candlelight meditation. What happens in your progress of this way of meditation is that your brain starts to stop processing thoughts. This is a profound experience.

Your eyes are open, but you don’t really see anything except a small flame in front of you. In essence, you have become one with the flame. The candle helped you, by increasing your focus, to sail without thought into silence (meditation).

Candles encourage a good mood!

The advantages of candles are also reflected in our mood. In fact, candles encourage a good mood. Sometimes even a few lighted candles are enough to make the ambience festive, festive and especially romantic.

A romantic dinner for two is hard to imagine without their intimate, swaying glow. The magic of the candle, then, becomes really special. Our mood grows in those moments.

The benefits of using candles are magical, but also instructive! Just as a single candle can illuminate the path of hundreds of people, so the sparks of our warmth and examples of our kindness, understanding, helping, can radically change the lives, views of the world, and the destinies of the people around us! So let us be the Light for the people around us, just like the candle in the darkness of the night, which continues to shine equally!

The flame of the candle, which symbolizes the light of the Soul, is considered to be protected from all evils, and alchemists have found in it a connection with celestial forces and elementary cosmic life.

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