I went to bed quite late, unprepared for sleep. The culprits are thoughts that multiply, due to the task I was given by our editor. The occasion is the topic, stories for a blog. I have to come up with a text in a day or two: it needs to be likable, imaginative, and original! Different from all the texts written so far, on the given topic.

My ego’s thought, that I cannot rise up to the task, is at war with my feeling, which is always ready to prove: that human omnipotence knows no boundaries! As inspiration waits for me to initiate it, the mind keeps repeating the topic for the written assignment:

“Unusual habits and predictions of Nikola Tesla

Hmmm… It echoes to me: “Tesla’s unusual habits“. I’m thinking, whether I should play music, which will make me sleepy, or listen to Tesla, who said: “It is best to work at night, because then the starlight and the thoughts are closely related!” Yes, but you need to know how to connect with the stars. Once again, the ego steps in. Even so, I made a decision: I will play the sounds of crickets and birds, which relax and put me to sleep the fastest. The morning is smarter than the night, so in the new day, just before getting up, I will start up my imagination and come up with a concept for writing, before the ego wakes up and interferes with inspiration.

The sound of crickets and the song of birds stun me. In the corner of my sleepy Being, in tenderness, the question sways: What did Tesla’s voice sound like? With that thought, with the harmony of the most beautiful sounds of nature, I consciously follow how my whole body and mind relax. I am slowly immersing myself in the pre-dream state. The absolute peace and silence of thought, is interrupted by someone’s cough. And a frightened voice, which yanked me out of that state. I hear the tenderness of what was said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Astonished, I listen to the silence that ensued after that sentence, and I wonder, have I already entered the first phase of sleep, or did it just seem to me that someone is speaking? I hear the voice again: “No, you are not dreaming! Please do not be afraid. You wanted to hear my voice, so here you are, listening to it. ”

Wow, I thought: if this is a conscious dream, in which I managed to connect with Tesla and I can hear his voice this clearly, it means that I stepped into the World of Higher Connections, which I always dreamed of to reach.

“Yeees, miss…” there is a pause, just like when someone addresses you and then waits to hear your name.

“Svetlana”, I add, delighted with joy, connecting our conversation further.

“Your name is derived from the term ‘Light.’ You are carrying a wonderful energy, the source of life, from which EVERYTHING came into being.” In his speech, through the change of his tone of voice and the pronunciation of “LIGHT“, I envision him smiling as he speaks. A smile created by love, in the source from which Tesla extracted all the information. As I listen to that voice and the tenderness with which it is painted, from so few words, I create my first impressions. The tone of his voice produces a characteristic, deep, melodic, warm sound, which pleases the interlocutor. In the tenderness and respect in his addressing, his voice caresses.

“Miss Svetlana, you and I are now communicating telepathically. That means I can read your every thought and feeling. I am glad that my voice sounds like that to you, although, depending on how I feel, at some point, especially when I am not satisfied with myself, or I notice a mistake in my work, my voice can be very harsh. But in those situations I talk to myself out loud.”

Surprised but grateful to Tesla, I decided to take care of what I was thinking about.

He smiled as he read my thoughts and said seriously: “That’s how it should be in the lives of all people, in general! We should take care of what we think and feel, because we send EVERYTHING out into space and the Universe reads and answers us as such, it then reciprocates in the same way!”

What could I do but smile in agreement with him, unconscious, in the material world, of forgotten telepathic speech. Encouraged by his ease of communication, I asked him:

“Since I have an exclusive opportunity, I want to ask you some personal information, if you would allow me, in order to break some of peoples’ illusions and misinterpretations of your habits, in your private life, about which so much has been written in the past and is still being written about today.”

Smiling, he replied: “I like your deep thinking about my habits and your desire to eliminate the circulation of fabrications about me, but provide the truth and facts. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions. So let’s get on with it.”

Krastavci i šargarepa na šahovskoj tabli

Returning the smile, I said: My first question is:

Nikola Tesla’s diet and the volume of food are calculated?

With a lot of enthusiasm he started talking:

Every human being should regard his/her body as a gift of inestimable value from the one he/she loves above all, a magnificent work of art, of indescribable beauty and skill beyond human comprehension, and it being so delicate and tender that even one word, breath, look, or thought can hurt it.”

I took care of when, what and how much I supplied my body with. I think that there is time for everything, even when eating. I like to eat 2 hours before I go to work. People eat too much. That’s why I took care of the amount of food I ate. One should be moderate in everything, including the amount of food. I cut out lunch completely because I think we would be overloaded with food by having this meal.

As I matured and became self-aware of my body, I realized that we are eating the wrong kind of food and drinking the wrong kind of fluids. This includes eating meat, which is not destined for human consumption because it creates toxicity in the body and makes it impossible to reject the accumulated toxins. My favorite drink is water, if it is spring water, even better! I realized that legumes create acidity in the body, because they contain uric acid, the same goes for fish, due to the large quantity of phosphorus.

The acidity of the organism is our biggest enemy, especially in old age. I highly appreciate celery, cauliflower and turnip, because they are useful for the intestines, they have enough vitamins and mineral salts. Potatoes should be eaten every day, because they contain precious mineral salts and have a neutralizing property. I ate fruit knowing that it neutralizes harmful acids and has enough sugar in it. People do not have enough physical activity and neglect body exercises. I replaced the exercises with long walks and did breathing exercises, which are very important for our body.

What was written about me, that I was afraid of infection and germs, and for this reason I wiped already clean cutlery, is only the peoples’ assumption. I was not afraid of anything. I just did this as a precaution, so as not to inject chemicals into my body, from the dishwashing liquids used to wash cutlery, but also the plates in hotels. People have forgotten that lye (wood ashes) is the most natural detergent, which does not harm our body.

They also wrote about me counting my bites, and the truth was that I liked to chew food for a long time before swallowing, and I advised people to do that, because I knew that well-chewed food helps the digestive organs.

As I listened to him ecstatically talking about his diet, I noticed that his beautiful voice varied between two different tones. It was between tenderness and a firm stance of security, (as he spoke) when he takes on a slightly sturdier, rougher tone, to express his insight into the knowledge he gained. Following those two tones, I discovered that they are the characteristics of his strong personality, which contributes to Tesla’s habits. The voice being the bearer of the authentic layers of our Being. The means by which, if listened to closely, you can reveal one’s character.

Tesla told me again with a smile: “Yes, you got it right! But let’s go over all your questions and I’ll explain to you at the end another very important fact about our voice.

Uhhh… again I forgot that we are communicating telepathically and that Tesla can hear my thoughts…!

The next question for you, Mr. Tesla, is your love for pigeons.

Golub stoji na žici

Great love for pigeons

“What I will tell you, dear Svetlana, is a long story, but it is really true” said Tesla, with sadness and melancholy in his voice.

During my life, people have inflicted a lot of “cosmic pain” upon me. Because of that, I didn’t have much faith in people. I turned to pigeons, who are very intelligent creatures. I communicated with them, fed them and treated them. There were thousands of them. However, a white dove once appeared, actually a hen, with light gray, special spots on her wings. She was something special. I talked to her, I confided in her…

There was a lot of sorrow in Tesla’s voice, while he remembered and talked about it, so he conveyed that sadness onto me.

“All I had to do was think of her, call her and she would fly in. I understood her and she understood me. I fell in love with that bird. Yes, I loved that hen as much as a man loves a woman, and she loved me. When she was sick, I felt it; she would come into my room and I would watch over her for days. I nurtured her until she recovered. That pigeon was the joy of my life. If she needed me, nothing else mattered.

While I had her, I also had my life goal…

And then, one night, while I was lying on the bed in the dark and, as usual, solving some problems, she flew in through an open window and landed on my desk. I knew she needed me, she wanted to tell me something important, and so I got up and approached her. I looked at her and knew she wanted to tell me – that she was going to die. And then, when I realized that, I saw light coming out of her eyes – a strong beam of light. ”

Tesla paused, and then, realizing that I wanted to ask him that, he continued: “Yes, it was a real light, strong, bright, blinding light, stronger than the light of the most powerful lamp in my laboratory. When that pigeon died, something disappeared from my life. Until then, I was quite sure that I would finish all my ideas, even though I had an ambitious program, but when the hen disappeared, I knew that my life’s work was over.”

I sympathize with you Tesla! We will now move on to a brighter topic and I would kindly ask you to explain your

Obsession with the number 3

I stated this publicly, after discovering the truth: “If the meaning of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 is clear to you, then you have the key to the Universe in your hands.”

Nobody understood then. But to clarify this again: There are models that occur naturally in the Universe, models that we have discovered in life, galaxies… in star formation, evolution, and almost all natural systems. Some of these models are called “Golden Ratio” and “Sacred Geometry”. Why these numbers? We must first understand that we do not create mathematics, but discover it.

The planets are associated with these numbers. These numbers are the secrets of the functioning of the Universe, but also of our lives! Remember that 3, 6 and 9 are a universal language for everything that surrounds us, and at the same time it’s their law!” Tesla said with passion.
“As I became aware of this knowledge, I used the powers of the number 3, because they were useful in my life. I selected room numbers that could be divided by 3, demanded to be given 18 napkins to clean my plates and cutlery, a number divisible by 3; Everything I did, I did in sets of 3. And people thought I was superstitious, that I was suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder… they didn’t realize that I had discovered the secret of life!”… With a sparkle and joy in his voice, Tesla spoke.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Tesla! This gratitude is on behalf of all people in the world, for your grand discoveries and deeds. Thank you for listening to your inner voice, as this has made you the only intuitive genius of its kind! Thank you for pointing out to us that we need to follow intuition!

“Yeeees, I told people: Intuition is something inexplicable, something with which we feel and sense the truth. Intuition is something that is beyond knowledge. Our spirit can take us where our senses cannot reach. I think that all great discoveries are works of intuition… But then I had no one to hear me, but I had the power to see the future and predict in joy, that there will be changes and awareness of knowledge. I foresaw many events.”

It’s wonderful that you started the story about that, because that was the next thing I was planning to ask you to tell us about.

Tesla coil

Tesla’s predictions that were far ahead of his time

Teasingly, he said with a laugh: “Miss Svetlana, if at that time, I managed to go maaany years ahead in my visions of the future, it was easy, to go a little ahead, with your questions.”

Completely confused, I witnessed how he played with everything he wanted to.

“In the 1930s, when I told reporters that the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) would be formed, everyone looked at me in disbelief. I also predicted that scientific discoveries would have a higher priority than warfare. I also saw wonderful changes in people’s health and nutrition:” I said: “I don’t eat meat, and everyone else will soon understand that. Also, tea, coffee and tobacco will not be popular, but alcohol will always be interesting. There will be enough grain to feed millions in India and China, and the mutilated land will flourish again with the help of chemistry.”

I predicted to the, then, astonished people, about robots and their usefulness to work on behalf of man: “We should not destroy the machine, we should teach it what to do. Everything we do today will one day be done by robots. They will do everything that slaves once used to do.”

Of course, I was able to see that people would have cheap energy and management of natural resources.

Whenever I ask myself what Tesla had predicted, this topic goes through my head:

Flying vehicles?

“Ah …”, and a long pause without any words, in which I felt Tesla’s grief. He repeated: “My flying vehicles! The idea was to draw energy from the atmosphere, without refueling and by defying gravity. I really had a wonderful vision, how to use natural, free resources for their operation and launch… but over time I realized that the achieved level of human awareness is not at a high enough level because already in my first, more serious pilot experiments, I had a lot of problems, misunderstandings and non-cooperation from associates, and I will admit to you, Miss Svetlana, the key insights for the work of these aircraft, I kept only for myself and not in writing, but in my memory. Unfortunately, humanity will be ready for such inventions in 1,000 years!”

And I could only sigh sadly, without comment, at this statement.

We have now reached the end of my planned questions. I am endlessly grateful to you, dear Tesla, for your dedicated time and answers. The only explanation that remains is that important fact about our voice you wanted to mention.

“The pleasure is mine, dear Miss Svetlana.”

There are many of them who knew that my voice was recorded, by a professional, audio, film camera, several times over several hours. A report from the shooting was also published in the New York Times, but these recordings, like many others – were carefully removed. All these recordings of me are part of the personal archives of the Rothschild family in England. The reason for this is the fact that the “original vibration” of my voice is also the energy matrix of my entire being, just like the DNA is for my body.

The latest experiments with standing sound waves, especially the latest research done by Russian scientists, who deal with wave genetics, ie processes based on the resonance effect that use certain electromagnetic waves (laser light) in order to act on the genes in the DNA. The results are amazing.

Considering that it is known that my mask, with the DNA sequence, is kept in Zagreb, numerous questions arise. The main one is why is the knowledge that the genome of geniuses is actually a biocomputer still being hidden, whose mechanism, if we fully understood and artificially constructed it, we could use to accurately load data from the cosmic electromagnetic field, sensitive to the slightest changes. And this is the truth that people need to know about!”

I was dumbfounded by this, because so much is hidden from us, ordinary people!

“This whole conversation of ours has aroused a great desire in me, dear Tesla, and it is the following: I hope that you have sent your greatest invention (after all your experiences) via a time machine to our near future, in which you would move the planet Earth and all its people onto a timeline, where all people would live together in harmony of love, good and helping… where there is no evil and exploitation of others, where there are no people infected with the virus of profit and where man – individual, deals with the interests of the whole to which he belongs. And that the masterpiece of knowledge and the conversance of cosmic principles are proof that simplicity is the ultimate goal of perfection.”

Tesla, with a joy in his voice: “This time you are a visionary of what is about to happen soon.”

I realized a long time ago: “Humanity needs more light, kindness and compassion“, and in order to have that, every individual, by working on himself/herself, needs to achieve that. In order to speed up this process, which could continue for thousands of years, where generations would suffer, I made an invention, sending it into the near future. By imagining that this is happening NOW, we are initiating the realization!”

The source of life is the Light. The body dances to the rhythm of the Universe, and the Light shines through it. Tesla collected information from the source and wanted to illuminate the world. Lucha T8 is an impulse from the source, and everything we need is at our fingertips! Knowledge is an expression of inner clarity. Tesla knew that, and we need to find out! – Dejan Minić

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.