Fingers are nervously tapping on the table. I’m getting up. I cannot sit. Having a trembling just by thinking about the encounter with the greatest mind in all modern Humanity. I cannot rest. I’m waiting approximately about 15 minutes for him to appear. A little strange, for someone who is never late!
This will be the most important interview in my life, and the one that has ever been published… I have been at “Temple of the Past” exactly 121 years after the last great interview with them. It would not be fascinating, nor would I be now in this place, have I not read, last night (as many times before), a wonderful secret interview of 1899. And what did I do? I wished, with a sense of enormous joy, that I interview him… And I lay down, happily imagining, that this was happening! That’s how I fell asleep.
What actually happened to me going back to 1899? How do I know it’s 1899? According to the newspaper, neatly stacked on the table. This is a New York World newspaper, dated October 1, 1899. I went back 121 years in the past and I am now in the science lab room in Colorado Springs. Now my older sister would say to me, “Kid, you get everything quick, the newspaper told you about the year, but how do you know you’re in Colorado Springs”?! At least that’s easy. On all the experiment tables around me,there is a stamp with the inscription: Colorado Springs. All this indicates that my desire to interview the greatest genius has somehow come true. I’m standing in the middle of the lab, waiting for him to appear, in the flesh and mustache, Nikola Tesla! To ask him questions in a new interview! God, I didn’t prepare them. So much excitement, what’s happening to me … No wonder! I’ll let it all go on its own. I will do my best to be original.
tesla coil
I hear the sound of fast steps approaching the door. I watch the doorknob that descends with a slight creak … The door opens. In the elegant black suit, high quality wool, Nikola Tesla entered. Waistcoat with 3 buttons, vest with lapels and classic pants. Silk shirt, with thin pink stripes and tie also silk, gray,with pink flowers. Perfectly blended, same pink, the colors of stripes on the shirt and flowers on the tie.
A great, futuristic combination in dressing. On the feet are black, suede, deep shoes. Slightly spiky at the top, with a low heel, flutter. On the hands are gray leather gloves and a thin gray stick. The perfect harmony of elegance, with high stature, draws attention. Black slicked hair, neatly combed, each hair is in its place. Forehead bright, high. Nose larger, straight, fine lines. Lips thin.
And then, meeting his eyes with and incredible glow. They are shiny flames radiating the light of the Soul, giving safety and gentleness of incomprehensible proportions… Eyes filled with warmth, universal love and understanding that extend from the infinite. In that moment our views meet, taking me to some other time in which he rules. I remembered that there was a lot of stories about Nikola Tesla‘s magnetically appealing eyes and that and that whoever sees them does not forget them. Gentle, so gentle look, deep, piercing, full of mercy and melancholy, into my soul he looked!
He approached with a gentle obeisance, noble austerity and took my hand, kissed it and said:
– “I don’t like delays, so don’t take it for bad this delay of mine, which I could not avoid. The old lady, who lives two floors below my lab, got sick in the elevator. I escorted her to her apartment and helped search for a medicine, which, she told me, she deliberately avoided to drink today. I waited a while to see if she would be better. Please forgive me! ”
tesla canva
Confused by so much respect and his look, full of apologies, I was almost speechless. I whispered my name quietly:
– “Magdalen,” (to introduce myself).
– “I’m glad,” he replied with a smile. “And, just so you know, for all this, what’s happening to you, I’m responsible. You made a wish so strong, sent it into the space and the energy you sent arrived to me and here we are, where we are now! Honestly, I know that several times (I know the exact number, but it doesn’t matter now), you wished to interview me, but what you did last time was the combination of all, let’s call them “elements”, which are merged into one, like a magnet, and are attracting wish-fulfillment! You have managed to elevate your desire to a level of high frequency of feelings (joy and rapture, that this is happening in NOW) that opens the door (invisible to the eye), the spheres where I telepathically received your wish and then teleported you from your time to this timeline, in which we are together now! “.
I was completely confused and disoriented, by his words. I started walking (I don’t even know where)and stopped, and then in an instant, as a magician, he created an armchair, which I had not previously observed in that space. He gracefully performed the movement, bowing again for me, and asked me to sit down. As an obedient child, amazed by the magic he performed, I followed every movement he made, wanting to understand: whether he performs tricks, or plays, in a manner known only to him. He laughed aloud as he slowly sat across from me on an armchair that seemed to emerge from the floor.
– “Miss Magdalen, these are not magic tricks!” …
Oh God, he read my thoughts! I was ashamed! I doubted in ingeniousness of Tesla!
– “I wanted to entertain you a little with my own insight, how we can materialize things. Someday everyone will know how to do that! We were able to do that, as the Firstborn, but on the path of growing up, through eons of time, we lost much of the potential that the Creator bestowed upon us. For now, it is much better not to remember it, because the time that you are coming from and the World from 2020., has not yet matured for the great things and the good. In the Temple of the Future, for many more centuries to come, knowledge will be available, but only to those who raise their consciousness and those who take responsibility for ALL they do, for ALL around them and for the planet Earth! ”
Wooowww, with this he gave me the idea to ask him his first question as well.
– “Mr. Tesla, allow me to start with questions and this interview that i dreamt about so much. I’m not going to bother you so much. Just a few questions, and I’ll be thrilled when you to answer to them! ”
– “With pleasure, Miss Magdalen.”

light bulbEncouraged by the feeling of infinite admiration that has been in me since I first read the 1899.Interview, sure of what I want to ask him:
– “Perfect knowledge of your insights are reaching into the deep future. How did you reach them and why did it not work for anyone but you ?!”
” The answer is simple Miss Magdalena,” he replied, as if playing the simplest of games.
– “In my insights, my consciousness follows the frequency of our, human harmonization with the Universe. I feel those frequencies, because I am one part of it, unlike other people who have separated and who, according to the “law of the herd”, do everything that most of people do, not seeking the meaning of existence in their depths, not understanding (not feeling) that we are ALL ONE! With the awareness that I am ONE with everything, I get into every part of events from nature (or in nature). I feel the frequency of the fundamentals of nature, blending in with its harmony, which is the basic, infinite entity and follow that frequency. It’s like when a fish follows the stream of the river. I am connecting with the Creator, as an inseparable part of us, like a fish with water and its flow. And what do all the other people do? They place themselves above the Creator and try to adapt nature to themselves, in an inadequate way, based on a philosophical sense, leading the wrong paths!
ALL GOES FROM THE SPIRIT TO THE MATTER! Because of this ignorance, Mankind was put in danger and our survival is threatened, because humans tried to separate man from Creator and nature, from the spiritual in themselves! … In one word: I understood the origin of man and nature and deep connection with the Creator! ” … Why others didn’t succeed in that? My feeling tells me that they haven’t played enough, like me (shifty smile was on his face).
While he was talking easily and enthusiastically, smiling, I watched his eyes again. In them sparks are bright, immense knowledge and wisdom, which he shares and doesn’t leave the interviewee indifferent, because of the power of security, while talking about everything … I realized: Tesla can be felt and understood by those who are deep visionaries, those who understand Infinity and Eternity, those who feel that there is perfect harmony in the Universe, that life has sense, that silence is the greatest human power and that the beauty of the cause is the consequence of the Creation… High awareness of what our mission and task is, which we need to finish …!
– “Dear Mr. Tesla, I cannot wait for the answer to my following question: You managed to read my thoughts! How do you do it?”
Again, with a strange gleam in his eyes, smiling, he replied
– “I was able, through exercise, to restore the memory of telepathic speech, which we all use, in the transition from the physical to the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, that’s how we communicate. Telepathic! Everything is “read” through light particles! Here in the physical world, the secret is in the brain-eye connection. Our subtle psychic frequencies – thoughts, grow into images and our consciousness, currently translate those images into “thought words”. This means that it was enough to look into your eyes and see your thoughts. Through your eye, you conveyed information to me – your thoughts. The eye is a projector of the thought. In the spiritual world, thought transmutes into light particles. Telepathy becomes only one language! Divine language – the language of LOVE!

There are no lies, no deceit, no hidden thoughts. Everything is transparent and open. All is LOVE!
He paused briefly and, radiant, continued:
– “In the future, when people on Earth reach the level to realize that they are unconditional love, that EVERYTHING CREATED is LOVE, then the memory of “reading” light thoughts (particles) will be restored to them, and then humans on Earth will speak only telepathically. People will then realize the perfection and capabilities of the human body. Only then will people understand ALL the laws of the Universe, there will be many more open senses… Teleportation, throughout the universe, it will be child’s play! ”
Nikola Tesla’s eyes, in that moment, changed color! His visionary compassion, of joy, for the attainment of human perfection, (which he aided, for humanity to attain), shone the color of his eyes. For the first time i saw that the power of love can also change the color of the eyes!
I wanted to give him a hug, because my admiration for everything he said, grew into love, looking forward to humanity’s progress! I know that Nikola Tesla felt it too, because he was reading my thoughts.
– I will dare to ask this, too, as the last question in this interview, Mr. Tesla:
– “How did you manage to materialize the armchairs, wanting to entertain me, with your insight into materializing things, or how do you generally materialize things?”
– “Dear Miss Magdalen, we are all a spirit in the earthly body. People, as I said, at the dawn of the humankind, had power, as did the Creator himself. By separating from it, they gradually lost those powers and remained stuck solely in the material world, believing in their 5 senses. The senses of sight, hearing and touch cannot see the truth. They provide misleading and blurred information. The spirit within us is hiding all that precious, creative information. I realized this very quickly, as a child. First, I realized that our imagination is our creative power. And then the power of visualization. United in a strong, spiritual, inner power, imagined materializes. In the outer, physical world, relying on the 5 senses, people live far from their capabilities! Exercise of imagination and visualization, we are awakening deep-seated inner senses! United into one: imagination, visualization and joyful imagining those things as if already created, we materialize both things and events. You partially mastered it, with my little help, because I agreed to this interview, so I only brought you to my lab at the time (year) you wanted. Here’s the proof! (He told me through a smile).
Listening to him, I wondered if there were words that would adequately describe the values of everything he created, this genius!? And I realized that the answer was very simple:




– “And for the end of this interview, Mr. Tesla, what is your message to people after 121 years?”
– ” Tell them Nikola Tesla’s message: We are ALL connected by invisible, unbreakable bonds and that each individual plays a key role in the Together team! Everyone is equally important! Nurture your imagination, passion, follow your visions, work on the inner (spiritual) development of yourself and LOVE! LOVE ALL! Thus, you are becoming LOVE… Thus, you are becoming ALMIGHTY !
– “And let me tell you, before we part, dear Miss Magdalena!


Something important that people of your time will definitely need: for overcoming stress, for boosting immunity naturally, for a lack of energy, a solution for fatigue and weakness, for improving health…


Since I wish every human on this planet well, I have designed a special medical device and generator, which helps to increase human energy. Together, they are based on the approximation and harmonization of electromagnetic, vibration, pulsation of our cells, with scalar electromagnetic vibration waves of the Earth, known as the Schumann resonance. I hope this patent will serve humankind, to be used to protect but also to boost health. Through a vision, looking into the future, this device will improve and show to the world that there is one wonderful man from Serbia, with a team of like-minded! They will work with love, to make possible that everyone knows and uses this device, for EVERYONE, and in their desire and order to help Mankind! That man, I’m telling you about, is from the time you are coming from. They will perfect my patent, a few years before 2020, but will present it to the World, during spring 2020. Device will be named after the Light! Please do not forget to convey, to this visionary, my admiration and endless gratitude, for he and his like-minded people, assembled in his team, as I do, seek to help GOOD Mankind! “Please thank them deeply, in my name!
He stood up and as in the beginning, with one movement of his hand, materializing the flower! A huge red rose, which he gave me with a slight inclination and added:
– “If they ask you how Tesla smelled (what perfume he used), give away a secret, dear you are to me! (Again, the smile was on his face). I have never said this to anyone before in interviews, that because of the deeper insights of sense of a smell, wanting to have fun, I even created perfumes! Tell them:


Because certain fragrances, handmade, without artificial additives, are one of the doors to enter into a higher dimension of consciousness – ULTIMATE FIELD, where ALL the information are! …
I woke up in a bed, with a red rose next to me, which smelled so powerfully! …

“Any disregard of spirituality in any theory is wrong. It must be remembered that everything rests on spirituality and everything goes from spirit to matter. I can act from the level of matter and influence the spirit, but the spirit remains above matter as the idea (conception) precedes its realization, application – materialization. In the unity of matter and spirit, matter that comes from spirituality is the emanation of space and time. Spirit and psychology must precede matter because the spiritual-psychic matrix precedes the physical basis of the disease. There, where no one is concerned with the condition of the soul and does not take into account the psychological factors of illness, there is no cure. “

Nikola Tesla

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.