An old saying says about getting up early: “Early bird gets the worm”, meaning that early risers use the day better and have more opportunities.

Aristotle said: “It is great to get up before dawn because the habit of getting up early contributes to health, wealth and wisdom!”

There is much research that shows that this old wisdom was true – a lot of things are on the side of the early risers – they are not upset, look at the world around them more positively, have greater willpower, better mental health, and are more successful in business.

Early risers have an advantage over late sleepers. Here are the benefits of getting up early:

Peace and quiet

When you wake up earlier than others, you can still feel the peace and quiet that the morning brings. This way you get more time for yourself, and you have more moments to relax and think about the day ahead of you. That peace and quiet have a lot of benefits for your body. By not jumping out of bed right away, you give your body the opportunity to slowly prepare for all the planned actions. This is one of the benefits of getting up early.

Plenty of time for a balanced breakfast

A lot of people complain that there is no time to have breakfast in the morning. But if you wake up earlier, you provide extra time for breakfast, and not in a hurry, as most people do, but you will have enough time to prepare and actually enjoy your breakfast. Always prepare a rich breakfast, with nutrients.

This kind of breakfast will help you solve all the tasks in front of you as painlessly as possible, and you will stay focused on a successful start to the day for longer. And this is another advantage of getting up early. Early risers have enough time for everything!

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You will sleep better at night

Getting up early means going to bed on time so you have the strength to get up in the morning when the alarm goes off. If you go to bed a little earlier, the quality of your sleep will automatically improve, and most importantly you will have the energy for the day ahead. People who are early risers can better plan their sleep routine, and we all know how important it is for us and our bodies.

More time for other activities

If you realize that you lack time for other activities, such as regular exercise and fitness, if you get up early in the morning, it leaves you extra time for a little exercise, because this type of activity will affect the hormone endorphins and bring you a good mood. Early risers usually start their day with exercise and that explains why they are in a better mood throughout the day than those who get up later.

How to become an early riser?

To become an early riser, you need the habit of getting up early. Realizing that when you get up early, the subjective feeling is that the day lasts longer and that you achieve much more during that day. Here is a wonderful suggestion, how to get up early, with good reasons. Think that every new day is a new chance, a new opportunity in many things that you should not miss, but should take advantage of.

Rejoice in getting up early, because life is beautiful, life is a miracle, and time flies, so don’t waste it on sleep but understand that the habit of getting up early is a wonderful change that will wake you up with a smile on your face, not overwhelmed by worries and the desire to sleep more.

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Understand that every new day is a wonderful day, which you have never lived before, and it is like the first day of the rest of your life. You choose how you will remember him, how he will be special. Think about how to get up early and do the things you love on that day and then you will get the most wonderful feeling, that you can’t wait to wake up and get up early, to start doing it. It is this feeling that helps you achieve your goal in what you want to achieve that day.

Getting up early will be beneficial for your health, productivity, psyche, but also for your lifestyle and self-satisfaction. When you adopt getting up early, it will be your favorite part of the day.

There are shortcuts to happiness and only you choose them! Look at life positively, rejoice every day, love yourself and others, do everything with love, and start each new day by getting up early, to fulfill it with the purpose you have chosen. Therefore: Carpe diem (seize the day)!

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