Leon Bjelić

Photographer, writer

"The first thing that comes to my mind, and what I would recommend to the wonderful souls who have yet to introduce themselves to Lucha T8 and Lucha T8 to themselves, is that it will be a meeting of the ages and that it will be a meeting of planet with planet and light with light. I think it will mean a lot to them, improve their lives and views on various aspects of life."

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How Lucha T8 helped me

The first meeting with the representatives of Lucha T8 was on the Rtanj mountain, in nature, at a wonderful gathering where I noticed that they were carrying this very device and that it was shining in such an interesting way. There we were brought together by some stories, related to nature, related to light. When I heard exactly what it was all about and how healing and powerful this device was, and yet so light and so small and that you could carry it anywhere and always use it, I somehow felt that the whole story was much bigger and much deeper because of the light which this device emits. That was the first encounter with Lucha T8 - then I placed the device on myself and immediately felt comfortable. Although I am always in a cheerful mood, I think that mood has now deepened and strengthened.


As a professional photographer I travel the world and work on different projects. I often work on creating content for marketing campaigns by doing commercial or creative photography. I enjoy doing portraits and photos through interesting trips, small private weddings, events, lectures and seminars. When I'm not taking photos, I'm always working on some other interesting projects, research and experiments. Everything from personal development, marketing and sales, examination and study of the perspective through which I act and create, to recording life experiences, thoughts and insights in my books. I am a fan of the science of sound, man and consciousness. I have been writing down my life experiences, thoughts and insights for many years, and at the same time I like to write poetry and prayers and I especially like to read.

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