Jelena Milutinović


"Ever since I got Lucha T8, it's been a part of my daily routine. It helps me when I feel I'm out of balance, of any kind, it protects me from the influence of that bad energy I feel when I'm around people that I don't like. It gives me clarity of mind, and helps with creativity and the creation of new ideas. It is my daily companion."

More About Me

How Lucha T8 helped me

My first experience was when a part of my back was painful while driving. I borrowed the Lucha T8 device and shortly after felt relief, the pain was simply neutralized. Also with the knee. So now it's a part of my everyday life, literally from the moment I open my eyes, I turn it on, absolutely does not matter how I feel, I just say that's it, I start my new day and it's just a part of my life, from morning till night.


I have been involved in tourism for two decades. I enjoy meeting new people and destinations. Considering that my previous career was based on working in commercial tourism and hospitality, dealing with personal development for almost the entire past decade, I decided to use my knowledge and abilities for the benefit of all people who are on a similar path and lead them on a completely different kind of travel - rather than the typical tourist kind. Trips are aimed towards togetherness, new experiences, with an emphasis on returning to ourselves.

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