Have you ever wondered what it means to be grateful, and say Thank you to someone? If you think that expressing gratitude is a consequence of how our parents brought us up? No, it’s not. The things our parents teach us is a program, and gratitude is something much more complex.

In one wonderful book: “Tao Te Ching”, which was written by a wise man Lao Ce more than 2500 years ago (a book about journey and virtues, that is – the very essence of life with the influence of ancient Chinese life philosophy), it says:

“When love disappears, kindness appears. And when kindness disappears, rules appear.”

If you take a look at today’s world and all the rules we have, with growing directives, laws, state regulations, you will see the truth. If you think that the civilisation’s reach is having good laws, which protect a Man, you’re wrong. That is proof of how estranged we are. 

Saying Thank you has become a rule because we have strayed so far from love. And gratitude (looking from my perspective, the way I feel it) is the second face of love. When we love – we are grateful. And when we’re grateful – we love! That true gratitude is a powerful force that moves the universe. 

Gratitude makes life beautiful

Gratitude is a noble skill that makes life so much more beautiful. With its help you can receive much. Gratitude is something that can shift your energy and transform life in an instant, bringing everything in the same vibration. Gratitude has the strongest vibration, alongside love. Once you become aware of it and start practicing it in everyday life, your life will change. 

And what does gratitude do exactly? Gratitude awakens you and increases your vibrations. When you are truly grateful, you are happy. There is no one who is ungrateful and happy. Gratitude brings back focus to the true path.

How to show gratitude? 

Gratitude is a skill that is practiced and learned. By applying gratitude day by day, your brain will begin to think differently. If you are having a hard time and don’t know what to be thankful for, take small steps. For starters, be thankful for being alive, healthy, for having a roof over your head, for having food on your plate, for having something to wear…

Because in those moments, your focus is on what you have, not on what you don’t have. Because our focus often is lost and we are unhappy when we think about what we don’t have yet, what we haven’t bought yet or achieved. So being grateful shifts focus on what you have. From day to day, lovingly express gratitude, for all you have!

Words of praise 

Here is my expression of gratitude: 

-THANK YOU to the universe in existence, to all this, what is happening to me in life – where I am learning the lessons, which are necessary for my growth!

– THANK YOU to all the people who have appeared, who are here now, or who will appear, to learn, rise and enrich through them, every day!

– THANK YOU to nature, which is so magically beautiful and which reminds me that we are all ONE!

– THANK YOU to Myself, for waking up more and more and knowing the difference between mind and heart!

– THANK YOU to myself, and feeling that pain and suffering are the most powerful alarm clocks, which indicate mistakes that I need to correct!

– THANK YOU every morning, when I wake up with the desire to give love and help (as much as I can) to those who need that help!

– THANK YOU to good people which I don’t know personally, and who have an open heart (full of unconditional love) and help me on the path of my life!

– THANK YOU to all people with a good heart, full of love, who help, sharing their knowledge, so that I can climb to the top of Self-knowledge sooner!

– THANK YOU TO ALL MY WONDERFUL JEWELS – friends, who complement me with their experience!

– THANK YOU to my parents, thank you to my children, thank you to my partner, for all the love and for everything I learned/realized through them!



– THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PLANS, WHICH DID NOT COME TRUE, because that is how they brought me to the path, on which I recognize the desires of my Soul.



True gratitude is the one that is motivated by love. This form of expressing gratitude can be written down and it needs a bit of will and dedication. 

Devojka raširenih ruku na polju

Listen to others carefully 

When someone talks to you, listen to them carefully. Remember, in today’s world it’s especially important because we’ve lost touch with one another. That is the core of respect, which also reflects in respect. Show gratitude towards someone’s will to share their story with you. That way, both you and the person you’re talking to will feel pleasant.

A token of appreciation 

Expressing gratitude towards others, who approach you with positive intentions, whether it is your loved ones who praised your (for example) appearance, or a stranger who smiled at you and held the door for you, it is also necessary to show gratitude.

How to express gratitude? Express it deeply and with love, so that the word “thank you” fills you and the other person with pleasure. Try to be an example and encouragement to others, because with the moment you make when you express gratitude, in the psyche and body of another person, you encourage positive change.

Don’t postpone gratitude 

If you are grateful to someone for something, show it right away, don’t procrastinate. How to show gratitude? Take the time to say “Thank you”! When a person who has done someone a favor and who wants nothing more than gratitude and confirmation of a friendly relationship, notices that the other has cooled down, they may experience themselves as a victim of service. Be grateful, enrich others with love!

Of course, it is difficult to feel gratitude in moments when we are pressed by some trouble and when illness strikes us. But gratitude should not be the result of what is happening to us, but our attitude, which we will practice and nurture, which will eventually become a habit.

Gratitude helps us shift the focus, from what we don’t have and what we lose, to what we already have and gain – shifting attention from the negative to the positive.

Therefore, let us practice expressing gratitude on a daily basis, directly by saying, meditating, writing down, listing everything we can be grateful for, from the little things to the most important values. We can do that in the evening before going to bed, because we celebrate the passed day with it, with a lot of confidence, towards a new day and new gifts.

In this way, we will attract wonderful things and real people into our lives, which will make our lives better. Therefore, THANK YOU for your happiness, glorify the beauties of life, constantly reminding yourself that you should be grateful for EVERYTHING!

Grateful for everything I have and for everything I don’t have.

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.