A hug is a merging of souls into one – sharing love with the ones we hug: our children, partner, cousins, our loved ones and pets.

A hug is the first communication between a baby and the mother. With that contact receptors under the skin are activated and are sending signals to start producing happiness hormones and stop the feeling of stress/fear. Through growing up, the importance of hugs is as equal as the need for food.

Those who hug enrich their love. By that touch, souls start the dance of joy, support, empathy, security, lust, gentleness, warmth, understanding, consolation… through it, we spread love all around us.

Hugs benefit our health

The healing power of a hug is known for a long time. Psychotherapists have confirmed the importance of hugs with a loved one (not just our partners) which magically impacts our mind and good mood, the feeling of security, pleasantness and content.

Hugging helps reduce the tension inside us, to relax the muscles, speed up the circulation. Hugs calm us, lower the blood pressure, slow down the heart rate and often relieve pain. It’s only logical because of the fact that we interact with our skin, the largest organ.

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Hugs reduce stress

What science tells us, which we are quite unaware of most of the time, is that hugs really do reduce stress. They are very effective in healing some of the hard diseases like depression, anxiety, loneliness, and neurosis.

It has been proven a long time ago that hugging releases oxytocin, which lowers the level of cortisol, stress hormone inside us, thus having a positive impact on us. Therefore, the need for hugs is constant. We are taught from the first day, that hugs reduce stress. 

Hugs make us happier 

Hugs help us bond with others and to establish trust. Within us, hugs relax our neurohormones, which have a huge impact on a good mood. Emotion wise, hugs are there to transfer love and emotions to our loved ones.

Sometimes hugs mean more than words, and in that sense are more efficient and are the most important form of contact between two people. It’s not possible to give a hug, without it being received and accepted. The beauty of a hug is in its sharing. And what makes us happier than sharing a deep feeling of gentleness, love, support, and understanding.

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How many hugs do we need?

When we’re hugging, we connect our heart chakras and if the hug lasts, we usually feel an intense exchange of energy. On average, a hug lasts 3 seconds, which is not enough to experience all its beauty.

In the studying of the power of hugs, psychologists have come to the conclusion that we need 4 hugs per day to survive, 8 hugs per day for maintenance and 12 hugs per day for personal growth, although some scientists claim that we need 5 – 6 daily hugs, to make our life happier and longer. To realize the true power of hugs, one American priest fought in 1986. for January 21st to be known as International day of hugs!

Why should you hug someone every time you have the chance? 

Some people ask themselves: why give hugs? Research has shown that intelligence depends on hugs, and it’s believed that children that received many hugs in their childhood are actually more intelligent than those who lacked hugs. 

Hugs that last longer than 3 seconds (especially those over 20 seconds) have a therapeutic impact. They affect the body and mind and activate oxytocin, which is responsible for the sense of balance, stability, security and calmness and with its impact it lowers fears.

Along with oxytocin come dopamine and serotonin – the hormones of happiness and content, which fill us with the sense of warmth and bliss in the hug. 

Do you still wonder why you should embrace hugs?

A hug is a hand of love, which we should give to everyone. Hug your loved ones every day.  Even to those we don’t know very well, because in that way you enrich yourself and others. That connection is needed throughout our whole life. It creates and emits something really powerful and mixes our auras. Love and Joy conquer all. And isn’t that the most important thing? 

So, lovely people, hug, spread love and empathy, and it will return to you through abundance of joy. 

This is a hug that I will remember: Gentle… Honest… Warm… Pleasant… Protective… Deeply significant. A non-sexual form of showing love and gratitude, wonderful affection, drew me into its spaces … A flash, where I felt much more, than the time, how long the fusion lasted… Enjoyment that has a prolonged effect, because the body remembers every movement … Breathing is paused for a moment… And the sudden, gentle touch of my lips on my face, opened a new dimension of space-time and led to a higher state of consciousness, because in one embrace there was everything! That one, which ennobles, softens, empowers, builds trust, instills security, relaxes, inspires! … I felt the great power of magnificence (giving) EMBRACE, as the most powerful communication of Souls! – Snezana Tucovic

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