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Author:Snežana Tucović

All of us, on this beautiful Blue-Green planet, are guests! We are expected to: love, cherish and promote it. To be responsible for it! We are also expected to care for and be responsible for other life forms that cannot speak or help themselves. All living things have equal value and each one plays a unique role on the stage of life, on the miraculously beautiful planet Earth!

We are expected to care for other people and the promises we make, the agreements we make, everything we say and do! We are responsible for our children, who are the mirror images of us! Through our emotional behavior, we provide them with examples of life. We are responsible for what we create and what we share with others! Responsible for ourselves and our health! …

Only some realize that everything that happens to us in life is a consequence of our actions, our words, our promises. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for our choices and the life we ​​are leading!

What is it that directs us to all these obligations and responsibilities? It is the POWER of LOVE for yourself and all that is created! The strongest, the most valuable, the most exalted, the noblest, the most benevolent, the most wonderful, the most gentle, the most sensitive, the most imaginative, the most beautiful power, which exists in all of us! And it directs us to the most valuable sources: health, perfect relationships, a successful career, it leads us to prosperity, anything we imagine!

How do we achieve this? First, by loving ourselves, by accumulating love, which we can later share with others! Because if we have love within ourselves, we can also give it. Can we give someone something we don’t have in us…? With the revival of that Power – the Love in us (which has always been there, just waiting to be triggered), which we have flooded with false beliefs and teachings, we startup from within and in the outside world, to create the desired. Because, that Power in us knows exactly what is best for us and that is what leads us towards it! Surrendering to that most glistening power, we will tread the paths of light and success!

Self healing

Ourselves and our planet, we can either destroy or we can heal. So let’s send the strongest power of Love, for healing! Let’s do it with our heart. This way we will create MIRACLES! Therefore: let our Love blossom every day, so we can assist change, on this beautiful Blue-Green planet, which is our home! To help it heal! To perfect ourselves, through love!

We should remind ourselves of some wise words:

“A great man is the one who, through his mental gifts and abilities, covers other people, who, like a bee gathers honey, gathers knowledge and discovers new truths, but all that crowns with love for humanity, to help it escape as soon as possible from misery, fear, hunger, ignorance, disease… The great ones are not the ones who rule and enslave men, but those who enrich his spiritual inheritance and thus help his happiness.”

Life is a rhythm that must be learned. I can feel that rhythm and I navigate myself accordingly and give in to it. It is very grateful and has given me the knowledge I have. Everything that lives is connected by deep and splendid bonds: men and the stars, the amoeba and the sun, our heart and the circling of an infinite number of worlds. These bonds are unbreakable, but they can be domesticated and appeased so that man himself begins to create new and different relationships in the world, without breaking the old ones. Knowledge comes from space; our eyesight is its most perfect receiver. We have two eyes: earthly and spiritual. Efforts should be made to make them as one eye. The universe is alive in all its manifestations, like a thinking animal. A stone is a thoughtful and an emotional being, just like plants, a beast, and a man. A shining star asks us to look at it and if we were not too preoccupied with ourselves, we would understand its language and messages. A man must harmonize his breathing, eyes and ears with the breathing, eyes and ears of the universe.

“Direct all vital and spiritual energies to labor. Therefore purification of the many effects and needs that man has. I therefore, have not lost anything, but just gained. So I enjoyed every day and night. -Nikola Tesla


Write this down: Nikola Tesla was a happy man!

We all bear a responsibility together!



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