Dear people, do you really know why it is so good to have a built positive attitude in life? Why is it good to be an optimist? And why is it so important not to fall under someone else’s influence, especially if that attitude is contrary to our positive attitude?

Or, if you are not sure, in your personal attitude (or observations about something) why is the environment for positive people so important?

How to choose the right people for us?

Each of us in our growing up, depending on what our parents are like and the environment that surrounds us, acquires our own beliefs about life and with those beliefs, we build our life. The experiences of our parents, combined with upbringing, can largely dictate the direction of our lives. The same goes for the friends we have chosen, as well as the people around us: our associates, business partners, colleagues, neighbors, people from the joint association, in fact, those with whom we spend the most time.

Whatever we choose, to build in our lives, through everyone around us, the right answer is POSITIVE PEOPLE! Are we pessimists, with a little self-confidence, or do we have a problem in the initiative, if we see everything black in our path if we are negative, dissatisfied, scared…

But even if we are optimists, who sometimes give up on our way, there should be positive people next to us, who will remind us not to give up, who will give us strength for the future, who will carry the message. The most important thing in the environment is positive people!

Srećan par se grli

The question that logically arises is:

Imitating friends – why do we do it and how to adopt only good habits?

Why do we imitate friends? The answer is: “the power of the pack” or the masses. Here’s how. In the mass of feelings and ideas of the individual, they take the same direction, in fact, our conscious personality disappears. When our opinion, idea, or desire coincides with what our environment, our friends, think, we feel good. However, if the projections of our opinions, ideas or desires differ from our environment, that is, from our friends, we experience discomfort.

Most people give up their true goals in order not to bounce off the masses or others, or to feel bad. And then we sacrifice ourselves, so that we are not alone in that. It really changes our needs, desires, wants and we sacrifice ourselves, for the sake of the majority, or friends, who do not see the uniqueness of our attitudes or ideas. It’s an imitation of a friend! If this is repeated every time in society, we acquire the wrong habits and destroy the true creativity of creating the person we want to be and the life we ​​imagine.

In order to change that we need to get up, that is, to work on good habits. This definitely requires:

  • persistence
  • faith in yourself and
  • discipline

The advice of those who have passed this time:

  • Start with small goals;
  • Simplify habits;
  • Adopt a small number of habits, don’t accumulate 10 habits at once;
  • Find your rhythm and of course, it’s all in your perseverance!

Our greatest examples in these good habits are success, brilliance, perseverance, self-belief and great discipline of work … when should we imitate and who should be our role model and encouragement, so that we can all do everything he can? I know I’ll make you smile. That’s Novak Djokovic!

Srećan par i njihov pas

Famous Serbian saying – “Who are you with, that’s who you are”

This Serbian saying “Who are you with, that’s who you are” can be seen differently.

Every man is an individual for himself, special, unique, unrepeatable. In order to maintain a relationship with someone, whether it is marriage, friendship, work, it is necessary for us to be connected by the “main thread” that keeps us in that relationship and because of which that relationship lasts.

It is called AGREEMENT OF SIMILAR THINKERS in the most important features of that relationship while respecting all the differences that exist between them.

It is the same in love and friendship and work. Being different is completely normal, because we are all unique, but seen from the angle of others, it will be said: “Who you are with, you are like that”.

Transmitting positive energy – positivity is contagious!

Dear, wonderful people, let your every day be decorated with optimism and a positive attitude, for everything that happens to you, let there be a transfer of positive energy because that way you will become successful creators of your life, who can be an example to everyone around you! And don’t forget how powerful you are!

“There is so much power of man, that the sky echoes, and the Earth trembles, from only the sound of his voice”

Nikola Tesla

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.