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How to get rid of bad energy in a few easy steps

Author:Snežana Tucović

I believe that you have experienced, in the presence of a negative person, that you feel a change in your mood, nervousness, discomfort, even though you did not even communicate directly with that person. What happens then? The transmission of “negative energy” that person sent, disturbed your harmonious state and brought it into imbalance.

Man is primarily an energetic being. Nikola Tesla also spoke about the fact that for us, the only reality – energy, which is omnipresent and permeates EVERYTHING, both in the cosmos and in ourselves, and that everything we see and do not, vibrates around us, even in ourselves. Every living organism, even person, every organ, even every cell, has its own frequency. So EVERYTHING is energy! It’s the “fuel” that drives us!

Our emotions have a certain energy frequency. When we are nervous, the energy of irritation goes through us – we catch it like a radio signal and broadcast it to our surroundings. Many people try to suppress, or cover up their emotions, but even so – the energy vibration exists, we transmit it. So we went back to the beginning of the story.

How to get rid of the negative energy we feel?

Really, how to get rid of negative energy? Basically what we need to know: negative energy feeds on negative thoughts and emotions that accompany them. It is normal to feel sad, angry, dissatisfied sometimes, but do not allow that feeling to become your normal mood. If you have the need to get that dissatisfaction out of yourself, pick a cozy spot and just cry!

Spend time with people who make you happy

If you want to talk to someone to relieve yourself, make the right choice. Do it with a cheerful, dynamic, smiling, satisfied person, who is full of optimism and joy. Open your heart to them. It could be your best friend, girlfriend, spouse or parent. Since they know you well, they will try to cheer you up with good, positive energy. You are the one who chooses, with which people you want to spend your time. 

Tidy up your home

Do you know that it has been proven by research that the space in which we spend the most time, reflects our inner state of mind? That means, what kind of space it is for you, that is – what kind of energy it sends, that is how you will feel. How to get rid of negative energy in the house? It is recommended that you arrange the spaces in which you stay: living room, office space and car. Change the arrangement of things, fill the space with flowers, new paintings, new plants … change the curtains. Such a room, with changes, will bring you pleasure, lift your mood and you will feel better! Negative energy will surely disappear!

Fix all the things that are broken in your house

A very powerful way to reduce the negative energy in your life – is to repair broken things and devices in your home. How many times did you get annoyed when you took a device in the house and realized that it was broken. You left it broken, planning to fix it on another occasion. Well, that moment has come, to fix not only the device, but also all the rocking chairs, the broken lamp, the cistern in the bathroom (which is leaking)! You will shine with relief and satisfaction when you take care of all those things. Reducing negative energy, with a smile on your face!

Devojka stoji na vrhu planine

Practice positive thoughts

Do you find it difficult to manage good, positive thoughts? No, because only we decide what think. When we can make a choice, why not always choose positive thoughts, because when we know that thoughts and emotions carry energy, we can then adjust the level of our energy, changing our emotional mood. The more love there is in us, the purer, more beautiful and lighter our vibrations are. Here is the answer to the question: how to get rid of stress and negative energy. Only positive thoughts!

Get moving! Take a walk or train

Decide to go into nature. Let it be a long walk, where you will merge with it and feel the blessings. Clean air and sunlight which you will feel in nature, have a great ability to clean. When you feel the wind in your hair and the warm sun on your face and body, when you realize that nature is giving you its power of peace. You will feel reborn. When you inhale, that wonderful, clean air, you feel the beauty, which enters your lungs, then you exhale negative energy. Repeat, conscious breathing, which expels negative energy.

The decision to practice some of the sports is the right way to get rid of negative energy from your body and spirit.

After you start practicing all this, accepting your feelings, you take steps with which you will feel better and with which you release negative emotions. Once you allow yourself to return to the point of peace, you will be able to initiate the creation of positive changes in your life.

Therefore, take action and apply these tips. You will see how by practicing a positive attitude towards everything, simply and naturally, you attract good things into your life!


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