We are standing at the “Birth” Station. We’re waiting for our train to arrive.
Totally alone, naked, without thoughts, expectations, prejudices. Scared, confused, insecure … But still impatient.

It’s here. But the wagon is empty. Light, the feeling that you belong to someone and the feeling of love … immense love.

At the next stop, our parents get in. Believing that they will be with us forever on this journey is only our desire for safety. The reality is much different. They will get out at one of the following stops as their journey ends there.

Many people get into the train with you. Some you will notice, remember, you will be glad to see them … You will accept them as friends. Some people you won’t even notice. When they got on and when they got off, you won’t know. They just simply did not affect your trip.

But those who did will stay with You no matter how difficult and tiring the journey is. You will gladly share with them your happiness along the way.

The next stop is appealing to everyone – Love. You are curiously waiting as to who will enter at this stop. How will this person look, speak, how much will they love you. And they are getting in… Just as you secretly imagined.

The coupe is no longer for one person, now there are two of you. Nice moments, smiles, happiness … Sometimes sadness, pain … but that’s all normal. Love knows no differences, just emotions.

The following stop somehow gives meaning to you as a living being. After this stop, nothing is the same as it was before. Curled up between your two hands, naked, intact, unspoiled, divine … The fruit of your love. “Parenting” Station.

A new, difficult role.
You no longer make decisions that are only good for you, you do so also for the benefit of this little being to whom you are now all on this journey called Life.
As it grows, so do you, your pride, your gratitude. You look at it growing up into the person you wanted. You’re happy.

Now you often go to the wagon of meetings and partings. You observe who goes out where. Now travelling companions are getting in less often. Powerless to keep back some people, even though you would give everything in the world to make them stay there for another minute.

“Last stop”… This is where You get off. Confused, scared, insecure… As a kid in the beginning … You turn into an energy that will forever be with the people who loved You.

Life is a long, unpredictable journey. Thank everyone on this train who is there for you.

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.