The maximum delivery time for areas outside of Serbia is 30 working days.

When ordering from Serbia, the “Pošta” courier collects the Lucha T8 device on the same day if you order is placed by 3 p.m. Your order is delivered at your address the next day. The courier contacts you via the phone number that was indicated on the order to check whether you are at the address. You receive a text message from “Pošta” that the order has arrived and will be delivered to you during the day. The text message also contains the phone number of the courier so that you can contact them and check when arrival at your address is expected. If you order on a Friday, in case there is a “Pošta” facility that delivers on a Saturday near you, your order may arrive at the specified address. If you do not have a “Posta” facility that delivers on a Saturday, your order will be delivered on Monday. During the holidays, longer delivery times are possible, 3-7 working days.

Dies ist Lucha T8.

Entstanden aus der Überzeugung, dass das Ungleichgewicht im menschlichen Körper ein Spiegelbild des Ungleichgewichts in unserer Umgebung ist.


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