Lucha T8 is an electromagnetic device that creates and emits a pulsing magnetic field through light and is used as a health improvement device. Lucha T8 creates and emits a frequency of 7.83Hz. This frequency is called “ the Schumann resonance”.

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952.

For preventive purposes, the device should be placed on the side that emits the light toward the skin, near the solar plexus (approximately 10cm above the navel). It will strengthen your immune system, balance the autonomic nervous system, increase concentration and attention span, and will improve the overall state of the organism.

To alleviate pain in all kinds of inflammatory processes, headaches and migraines, use Lucha T8 on a painful spot several times a day for up to 30 minutes per session. Doing so will balance the body’s energy, metabolism, and polarity in a way that gives the organism a chance to recover. The device offers a variety of health improvement benefits such as rapid cell regeneration, muscle relaxation and elimination of bruises.

Being exposed to Earth’s pulse (Schumann resonance) allows your body to get into a state of balance and health. Leading a fast-paced lifestyle, having an uneven sleeping regime, a bad quality diet will help the disbalance of your system. We recommend heading out to nature on a weekly basis to expose yourself to Earth’s natural frequency. Lucha T8 can help you balance your organism through preventive usage of the device.

The trending lifestyle doesn’t allow us to spend a significant amount of time in nature. However, to those of us who can’t afford to spend a lot of time in nature, Lucha T8 can help by providing Earth’s natural frequency, on a daily basis. Lucha T8 as a brand has a passion for creating a community that understands how important nature is for our health and well being. Join us if you feel the same way.

Listed below are effects the Lucha T8 device can help with: Pain, Exhaustion, Stress, Insomnia, Tension, Anxiety, Migraines, Low energy. Over 100 people tested Lucha T8 so far and reported beneficial results for these symptoms and conditions.

There is no difference in the devices’ effect, the casings are a personal aesthetic preference. We recommend the wooden casing as a natural material that is more gentle towards the skin but is more fragile to drop. The silver and gold plated casings are made out of aluminum and are more durable, but are also materials that suit sensitive skin. The choice is yours!

Lucha T8 has proven to have a wide spectrum effect. This has been reported by over 100 users. You can see some of their experiences here

Lucha T8 can be worn every day for an unlimited amount of time, it is tested for safety and is completely harmless. Lucha T8 is also designed with the thought of wearing it as a fashion accessory.

For better results, you should always apply Lucha T8 directly on your skin, for prevention or pain alleviation. If contact with skin is not possible, you can still use the device over the clothes, but the device is less effective.

Absolutely, children and elders can use it as adults do. Children that have tested Lucha T8 have shown better results in school and sports, more energy and better focus.

No, the device is not medically tested even though we have over 100 users over a two year period that have positive reactions to the effects of Lucha T8. Our campaign on Indiegogo will help us start advanced testing for health benefits.

Lucha T8 is already registered as a technological patent in Serbia, and in the process for a worldwide patent. Safety and quality tests are currently in process in the European Union.

Lucha T8 has a battery that lasts for up to 30 hours. The battery is chargeable through a USB (C-type) jack.

Yes, we ship the Lucha T8 device worldwide.

You can contact us via email at this address:

Numerous and very frequent thunderstorms across the world via lightning generate electromagnetic energy which forms a wave that begins to circle the Earth, trapped between the ground and the ionosphere. Schuman resonance is a set of frequencies representing frequencies of the standing electromagnetic waves which propagate around the Earth between the surface of the earth and the lower layers of the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the electrically charged part of the atmosphere extending from about 60 km to 500 km above the Earths’s surface. Since the wave has the beginning and the end at the same point, only certain waveforms are possible, of which only three are presented in Fig.1.

Fig. 1 Electromagnetic waves propoagating with different frequencies around the surface of the Earth. Three are represented in this figure in blue, red and green colors. Each one of them has different wavelength and frequency. Dotted blue wave has the sam frequency as the full blue wave but has more energy. The yellow circle represents the lowest layer of the ionosphere. (Image Credit: NASA/Simoes)

The fundamental Schumann frequency is around 7.83 Hz which corresponds to the wave with the smallest number of crests and troughs. Then there are harmonics at approximately 14.3, 20.9, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz and even above, however these higher harmonics are very weak in energy. In Fig. 1 the red wave has the lowest frequency since it has only three crests and three troughs. The blue wave has twice the frequency of the red wave and the frequency of the green wave is approximately seven times the frequency of the red wave.

Now, in order for the Schumann frequency of the wave to fundamentally change the shape or the diameter of the Earth would have to change. Also, frequency could hypothetically change if the shape and/or the size of the earth-ionosphere cavity would change. However, none of these changes happen. Minor changes in frequency may originate due to the variations of the atmospheric pressure and/or incoming solar activity, especially due to solar storms which have an effect on the ionosphere. The ionosphere, which prevents the entering of the cosmic radiation in the atmosphere, may also experience small changes which have a minor effect on the frequency. All these changes, even if happened simultaneously, introduce very small variations in the frequency not exceeding 0.5Hz. The power of the signal is proportional to the amplitude of the wave. An illustration of power (amplitude) and frequency of the wave is presented in Fig. 1, where blue signals f 1 and f 2 have the same frequency but the dotted blue wave has higher energy. Although the signal of 7.83 Hz carries the most energy, the real changes occur in the power of the harmonics, particularly 2nd (14.3 Hz), 3 rd (20.9 Hz) and 4th (27.3 Hz).  At certain times, these harmonics may become energetically dominant. For example on April 24th 2020, the dominant power was at the 20th harmonic (156 Hz).  Many people have erroneously assumed that the Schumann frequency has risen to 156 Hz. But that was not the case, only there was an unusually large increase of power at this frequency.

The simple answer is no. There are several reasons why the frequency and the signal generated by mobile phone and Lucha t8 are different. The human audible range depends on the pitch and loudness of the sound. Pitch is measured in Hertz (Hz) and loudness is measured in decibels (dB). As far as loudness is concerned, people can typically hear starting at 0 dB. The lowest audible pitch is, assuming perfect hearing, around 20 Hz. Schumann frequency is beyond human audible recognition since it’s frequency (7.83 Hz) is beyond hearing threshold. The applications for mobile phones through the wave generator contained in the application generate “very similar but audible tone”. Whatever “very similar” in the description of the application means, the sound generated by the mobile device does not match the frequency of the Schumann resonance since it is audible. Also, cellular frequencies of the electromagnetic waves reaching cell phones, are typically in the range 800 MHz – 1300 MHz, and these waves of much larger power interfere with the frequencies generated by the internal frequency generator of the application, and thus modulate them. Finally, the characteristic feature of the Lucha t8 device is that the Schumann frequency is transmitted to the body by means of red light.

Yes. The best place to put Lucha t8 is at the solar (celiac) plexus, slightly below the central thoracic bone. The solar plexus, also known as the celiac plexus, is part of the sympathetic nervous system. Essentially it is a ganglion complex consisting of nerves and ganglia which control involuntary actions of the stomach, kidneys, liver and adrenal glands. It is close to the thymus where T cells, an important part of the human immune system, mature. The pulsed red light of Lucha t8 can easily penetrate to the solar plexus and its effects are further transmitted to other parts of the body. However, depending on your present health or mood conditions, Lucha t8 may be placed at different parts of the body. Due to the bio-chemical individuality of each person, different effects may be experienced, and it is suggested that sometimes you try placing Lucha t8 at different parts of the body and remember the effects.

Absolutely not. All effects of Schumann frequency and red light therapy are known to be beneficial for human and animal wellbeing. Numerous studies and clinical trials support
the importance of Schumann frequency for various aspects of proper and balanced functioning of the human body. We mention here just one example. Weak magnetic fields in the Schumann resonance range protect the human heart from stress conditions. Further references and beneficial implications of the use may be found in our “scientific literature” section.

No, but…We are constantly surrounded and influenced by various electromagnetic fields which may be harmful to various degrees. For example, mobile telephony networks,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radio waves, satellite communications, high-voltage power lines are known to exert adverse effects on human health. Possible acute and mild side effects include headaches, heart palpitations, tinnitus (ear ringing), fatigue, inability to concentrate, nervousness, depression, trembling, loss of appetite, breathing. A chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields of this type may cause more severe adverse effects, even leading to serious illnesses. In order to mitigate the unfavorable effects of powerful electromagnetic fields it may be helpful to use Lucha t8, since it is the source of beneficial very low-intensity magnetic field at the Schumann frequency. Although it cannot absolutely shield the person from adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation, Lucha t8 is beneficial for restoring harmonic functioning of the human body and for diminishing negative effects of stress and other detrimental influences which prevent balanced life.

It is practically negligible and unmeasurable. But let us give an explanation of what SAR is and where the measurement of this quantity is of relevance. SAR (specific
absorption rate) refers to electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency (RF) range (3KHz – 300 GHz) which includes mobile telephony, radio waves, microwave radiation, magnetic resonance imaging, etc. All these electromagnetic radiations incite healing effects which is best experienced when a cell phone is used for extended periods of time. Besides frequency, the power of the radiation, in units of Watts, has the most important role. The unit of SAR represents the absorbed energy per unit of body weight averaged over a specified area and is given in Watts/kg or W/kg. The upper limit in European Union for appliances is 2 W/kg. For reference purposes, the SAR value of the iPhone 12 is 0.99 W/kg, while most of the mobile phones of the latest generation have SAR values in the range of 0.9 – 1 W/kg. The red light diode used in Lucha t8 device emits light of frequency equal to approximately 320 GHz while the power is approximately 10 mW (1 W = 1000mW). Once 10 mW is averaged over the weight of the person and the application area the SAR value of Lucha t8 is practically negligible.