Anxiety and Lucha T8 device

Anxieity disorder basics Anxiety is an adaptive response to stress that enables coping with adverse situations and represents a completely normal condition, not solely characteristic for humans. Thus, animals also experience anxiety and many experiments on animals have helped to understand the impact of anxiety on human health. In spite of representing a normal response … Continued

The basics of photomedicine, Part 3

Electrical currents, electromagnetic, magnetic fields and ultrasound are applied with particular pulse structures. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, for example, has been used for a variety of health conditions. The non-exhaustive list includes bone healing and soft tissue regeneration, wound healing, osteoporosis, arthritis, different pains, nerve regeneration, even cancer. In spite of the existence of some … Continued

The basics of photomedicine, part 2

Lasers produce heat effects and may cause burns because they produce a specific type of light, namely the coherent light. In technical terms, coherent light consists of photons of the same frequency and whose wavelengths are in phase with one another. Incoherent light, like the one generated by LEDs, generates photons whose frequencies are not … Continued

The basics of photomedicine, part 1

Namely, Lucha t8 is related, although not solely, to the effects of light on the human body. Light is characterized by its wavelength and its frequency, however in the Lucha t8 device the added feature is the light pulsation at regular intervals at the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz. The science behind Lucha t8 and … Continued

Man between micro and macrocosm

When I became an internist and gastroenterologist, I had no idea that my future specialization in gastroenterology would become an abstract synonym for what had always interested me, and for what I had a hard time finding answers to, and that would be to find out where exactly is that invisible boundary where the inner … Continued