With the dizzying acceleration of changes caused by technological revolutions, especially by entering the 4.0 industrial revolution and the virtual world, the organism of a modern man, among other things, has come to a position where it is exposed to an increasing amount of radiation, various frequencies of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, which currently arise from everywhere, even the smallest parts of the space in his surroundings.


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Humans and frequencies

They originate from natural sources (space, planet Earth, inorganic and organic matter, various organisms, etc.), as well as from an increasing number of artificially created sources – technologically created sources (machines, electrical networks and devices, urban elements, noise, vehicles, radio, TV, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, a growing range of modern “smart gadgets”, internet modems, routers, computer networks, antennas – old-fashioned, satellite, 3G, 4G and 5G, various telecommunications relays, aircraft, radars, satellites, bombs and other weapons, etc.).

All these radiations and frequencies, by interacting with each other, every day additionally create endless sequences and sets of new sources of radiation and frequencies which, created in such a way, have potential with an unpredictable spectrum of further influence and unclear effect on the human biological, psychological and social system.

Basically, radiation and frequencies can have a favorable, unfavorable or neutral effect on the human body, or on its specific components or systems. Part of their influence has been researched in science, while the largest part has been insufficiently researched or the research of their effect on the human organism is still in its early stages. Much of this spectrum is still “off the radar” in modern science.

The aim of the following text is to provide a scientific view of the quality of radiation and frequency generated by “Lucha T8” and their potential impact on the human nervous system, and thus on the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune axis, which is the basic control system of the human body.

About the product

What is “Lucha T8”?

Lucha T8 is a generator and emitter of safe non-ionizing radiation with a frequency of 7.83 Hz, created with the aim of having a beneficial effect on the human body.

What are the effects of “Lucha T8”?

When used properly, according to the prescribed procedure, this product accelerates the achievement of three target effects:

  • regulation of energy balance
  • harmonization of internal functions
  • stimulation of psychosomatic well-being

How does “Lucha T8” achieve its effects?

Lucha T8 works in two ways:

  • The first method is the impact of Lucha T8 on the physical system and its components. The physical system of a human organism consists of its organic and inorganic structures (organs, cells, water, chemical and physical elements), as well as the fields created by all these constituents individually for themselves, then by interacting within (patho)physiological processes in the organism, and also overall as one general field that is created by the human body as an authentic whole.
  • The second mechanism of Lucha T8’s operation is the regulation of the local nervous system’s function – peripheral and vegetative, as well as the indirect effects on the central nervous system, by influencing certain nervous plexuses.

About the nervous system

Basic guidelines

It is well known that the nervous system is the main regulator of all the most important functions in the human body.
The nervous system is basically a system with an electrochemical, electro-conductive, and electromagnetic network, which permeates every part of the body, and along the way also acts “remotely” via the complex mechanisms of the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune axis. It works in several ways:

  • neuro-conducting effect (direct innervation of certain parts of the body; reflex control; innervation of Head Zones; neuromuscular system management; neurovegetative control of internal – visceral functions and organs; maintenance of local metabolism, etc.)
  • neurochemical effect (creation and maintenance of membrane potential; enabling transmission through neurosynapses; regulation of metabolism; genetic control, etc.)
  • neurohumoral effect (via secretions in the blood – hormones, peptides, enzymes, etc.)
  • energetic effect (maintenance of optimal level;  increase – stress, tension, psychomotor agitation, hyperenergetic and autoimmune reactions;
  • exhaustion – “burnout syndrome”, weakened immunity, etc.)
    electromagnetic effect (by creating fields and magnetism around local “networks” of neurosynaptic circuits – especially around nerve plexuses in certain parts of the body, but also around the body as a whole system in the form of a single dipole).

All of these levels of nervous system activity are interconnected and strongly correlated. Overall, they are affected by countless “control mechanisms” that should ensure the maintenance of homeostasis, that is, the ideal order of structures and functions in the human body.

Any disturbance of the function or structure of an organism is reflected by a change in the nervous system’s “network”, which then causes the appearance of dysfunction of some of its remote “terminals”, that is, a consequent introduction of the most diverse disorders at certain levels of the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system!

The nervous system and frequencies

In neuroscience, it has been proven that the level of brain wave frequency of 8Hz, which represents the lower limit of the spectrum of the brain waves that make up the so-called “Alpha rhythm”, corresponds to the states of deeper relaxation of the body and mind, with the experience of comfort and the feeling of inner welfare.

Also, this level of frequency contributes to increased clarity of consciousness, releasing of positive emotions, accelerates the entry into creative contemplation and meditation, opens the possibility of a gradual transition to a state of relaxed half-transference, leads to faster regeneration of injuries, wound healing within the shortest period and to the optimization of physical performance (which is extremely important for athletes), increasing workability in the professional sphere, etc …

After some time (more than 20 minutes) spent in a state of deep relaxation (from the lower limit of “Alpha” – to the “Theta” rhythm), the so-called ”positive hormones” are usually released in the human body – endorphins, DHEA, STH, melatonin, serotonin, estrogen, etc. The release of such “positive hormones” allows further beneficial effects upon the existing stress accumulations in the body, meaning that it first “melts” them and then releases them from the previous “trapped” state in various levels of the nervous system, to reach the final effect which is the acceleration of regenerative processes within the organism.

All of today’s proven, powerful and scientifically based stress management programs include, among other things, deep body relaxation techniques. This is usually supplemented by adequate Mind techniques in stress management (complementing the whole “Body & Mind”), as well as specific psychotherapy techniques, depending on the type of stress and psychosomatic disorder.

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Psychosomatics and stress

Psychosomatic disorders have been on the constant rise in the world in recent decades. The reason for that is that they are always associated with states of chronic, long-term accumulated and unregulated stress in the human body. On the other hand, the paradoxical fact that currently dominates in the modern world is that, although stress as a term is one of the most prevalent in the public consciousness, it is not adequately recognized and treated.

This is a realistic basis for understanding the statistical indicators that point out that stress is the source of almost 90% of diseases and causes of death of modern man, if we disregard factors such as destructive physical trauma (injuries), congenital genetic malformations or highly virulent infectious agents!

What is the basis of such a catastrophic score? It’s based on the fact that chronic stress and its mechanisms of action, especially in creating the bases for psychosomatic and immune disorders, usually remain unrecognized, wrongly or superficially treated…

Chronic stress, on the other hand, at an electrical level, is essentially a state of “retained tension” in the body’s neural networks, which the nervous system first distributes to some part of the body or systems of organ systems, and then blocks them with counter-inhibitions so they wouldn’t interfere with its regular functions.

If the body fails to release them within a certain period of time, they remain preserved as memories of energy (with retained electrochemical potential!), and “closed” in certain zones of the nervous system. The nervous system then, in an attempt to relieve itself through the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune axis, further creates psychosomatic dysfunctions in the body or distributes such potentials diffusely through its system in the form of constant general tension, producing anxiety in the individual’s psychic apparatus.

If the nervous system stays in such constellations for longer periods of time, which is essentially chronic accumulated and unregulated stress, this leads to the appearance of a state of overall psycho-organic exhaustion (e.g. – lack of energy, chronic fatigue, decreased immunity, burnout syndrome, etc.).

Then again, it has been proven that the secretion of “positive hormones” in the body, which are released after the application of adequate stress management programs, regulates stress accumulations, thus enabling further initiation of the healing and self-healing process. The state of deep relaxation, which occurs and lasts longer on a brain frequency between the “Alpha” and “Theta” rhythms, on its own leads to the secretion of hormones which at the same time clear the accumulated stress deposits, stabilize the optimal balance in the body and thus “reset“, that is, regulate the psychosomatic disorders.

A clear example of such a mechanism of action is the effects of releasing one of the types of hormones in the body, endorphin. The secretion of endorphins in the body (the basic sign that it has been secreted is a feeling of “pleasant internal flow“, which can develop into a feeling of “serenity” that permeates the whole body) and the optimal duration of its action cause the following effects in the human body:

  • Pain reduction and its disappearance
  • Stress relief
  • Protection and cleaning of the blood vessels
  • Stimulation of the immune system (NK cells)
  • Anti-aging effect (allows the decomposition of toxic superoxide)
  • Improvement of the brain function – better memory and protection of cell damage

“Lucha T8” and the nervous system

The frequency of 7.83 Hz emitted by Lucha T8 is, at the level of a comparative model, adequate to the frequency of the lower limit of the spectrum of brain waves that make up the “Alpha rhythm”, in a slight transition to “Theta rhythm”.

With proper use, according to the intended procedure – Lucha T8 can have a significant positive effect on the process of harmonization and optimization of neurosynaptic and energy flows at the level of local neural networks. This is achieved by stimulating a “calming” frequency and encouraging a resonant positive effect by applying it to the target areas.

Also, in the case of disturbed local energy or electrochemical flow, that is, in case of a halt expressed by increased levels of electro-energy potentials, which is usually followed by a collateral effect in the form of disturbed vibration, rhythm and frequency, can help “unblock” such a pathogenic hold-up and contribute to the initiation of mechanisms that regulate existing dysfunctions. This opens the possibility of returning the existing zone of disturbance to an optimal balance and its further homeostatic reintegration with a healthy whole.

In addition to the above, Lucha T8, through proper use, can act diffusely on the whole body, indirectly stimulating the central nervous system towards positive neuroendocrine actions and achieving optimal psychosomatic balance. This is achieved by stabilizing effect with its “calming frequency” on strategically important nerve entanglements in the human body (e.g. solar plexus, etc.).

About any possible dilemmas

If we remind ourselves that the planet Earth, in the range of its frequency spectrum, is constantly producing a 7.83 Hz frequency, which is the same as with the “Lucha T8” device, the basic question that logically arises is: What is the difference?! Why the “Lucha T8” and not the Earth?

The answer points to two major differences in their functioning.

The first difference is that the Earth radiates this frequency constantly but it is also diffused, undirected. By the way, until it reaches the human body, it is exposed to various “interferences” with other frequencies that exist in the local environment. Whereas, the Lucha T8 device has a concentrated radiation source that can be accurately directed to the user’s body and focused on the targeted spot.

The second and even bigger difference is that the use of the Lucha T8 device also involves human attention, which is not mobilized as it is in the event of the general activity of the Earth’s frequency. Let us remind ourselves for a moment of the proven knowledge of quantum physics, which states that directed human attention, i.e. observation of subatomic particles, significantly affects the change of their behavior, and thus the determination of the state of the system that is in the focus of observation! In addition to this, the knowledge in medical and in-depth psychology states that a person’s attention is essentially a “… concentration of psychic energy …”. Does that mean that it is a confirmation of existence and an amplifier of the effect on the object to which it is directed!?

In our case, the attention of “Lucha T8” users is collected, concentrated and sent, using the precise procedures provided by “Lucha T8”, to the process of regulation, harmonization and stimulation of target positions in the human body. This kind of maneuver may be the key in providing a targeted effect that, in such a unique way, is performed by the “Lucha T8” device!


“Lucha T8” has a potential to have a positive effect on the nervous system, and thus on the human body. Such a desired effect can be achieved if this product is applied according to a precisely prescribed procedure in the intended areas of activity.
At the same time, in addition to its positive properties, it is important to point out that “Lucha T8”, as a controlled source of 7.83 Hz frequency, is completely safe and easy to use, if applied according to the defined protocols.

A product of this type has gained additional importance at the present time, when the real need of modern man to have personal means of protection of internal balance, and thus health, is growing, especially for those products that have been proven to have no accompanying harmful effects on the body.