Case Study: Effects of the Lucha T8 device


Is the total number of individuals who underwent the trial treatment in the quantum medicine practice

In the course of several months, from the end of 2019 to mid-March 2020, quantum medicine doctor Robertin Ljusev carried out an extensive trial testing on almost 300 individuals who volunteered. Based on the results of this testing, dr Robertin developed a thorough case study that shows the beneficial effects of Lucha T8 on human body.


For the purpose of this research, a comparative analysis of the results was performed at the following levels:

  • One part of the users were subjected to a single treatment using the Lucha T8 device
  • The other part of users underwent a series of two to three treatments with Lucha T8
  • The molecular structure of organs was measured before and after using Lucha T8
  • Medical condition before and after using Lucha T8 was compared
  • Three Lucha T8 effect categories were qualified: excellent, good and poor

Analysis of the results

  • 258

    The results of the aforementioned tests have indicated changes in this number of patients

  • A single use of Lucha T8 – 48% of subjects responded with excellent, 31% of subjects responded with good and 21% of subjects responded with poor

  • The response marked as excellent went up to 63% in individuals who underwent two to three treatments.

Lucha T8 effects

In the next few illustrations, we are going to show you the impact of the Lucha T8 device on the human body. The markers shown in the left show the condition of the tissues before using the device, which is in poor condition, while the markers in the right illustration show the same markers in much better condition, after one use of the Lucha T8 device. The presented research results were conducted on one person.

6 – Disease – at the cellular level, chronic and acute
5 – Disease – not at the cellular level, easier to treat
4 – Healthy organism – susceptible to disease due to weakened immunity
3 – Healthy organism – stable cell condition
2 – Healthy organism – ideal cell condition
1 – Healthy organism – sterile cell environment

Before (Lung tissue)
After (Lung tissue)
Before (Trachea)
After (Trachea)
Before (Immunoglobulin E)
After (Immunoglobulin E)

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Robertin Ljušev Natural medicine specialist, information therapist, energy medicine and bio-resonance practitioner

For about 8 years I have been treating patients using quantum medicine methods, an area that is relatively new and still with great potential for further development in finding and implementing relevant methods for prevention, treatment, and improvement of the general condition of our patients. When I received the information that a new revolutionary product was launched in November 2019, which is directly related to the healing mechanism that is the basis of quantum medicine, I immediately contacted a team of innovators and offered to participate in testing this product. Now after several months of testing and using this device on patients, I can confirm that Lucha T8 is an efficient device that creates and emits the natural frequency of our Earth, and that is the so-called Schumann resonance which is 7.83Hz


The final conclusions of the expert from the quantum medicine dr Robertin Ljusev that performed this testing is very favorable. The results of the short-term use of Lucha T8 on almost 300 patients clearly indicate effectiveness of the device in repairing degenerative changes and processes in the human body, on both molecular and quantum levels.

He recommends performing further long-term research to test how Lucha T8 affects certain conditions and the overall state of the organism in the long run.