Snežana Tucović

Research Associate

I was born in 1961 in Užice. For the last year, I have been living with my family in the untouched nature of the village Gostilja, an oasis of magical beauty, near Zlatibor.

They said that it was lilac, in 1961, bloomed intensively and spilled its seductive scent. By my birth, on May 21st, an hour before midnight, I was assigned Uriel, a Guardian Angel, and the 3 fairies of the Good Heart were my godparents! Zira for health, Simera for happiness and Lovira for beauty, with one touch of her magic wand, made me have red, curly hair and a complexion white, shiny, like snow.

That is how I got the name Snežana.

My childhood was filled with love, tenderness, play and imagination. Mom taught us: love, kindness, trust, honesty, helping others, friendship, relationships with people … are values ​​that cannot be bought. She also taught us that we must never forget the child within us – unspoiled and good and that we must never give it up! Because while we are children, we are like our Guardian Angels – a reflection in a mirror! Perfect, joyful, good, unspoiled, sincere, gentle, open, full of forgiveness! She conveyed to us the secret of love (for herself and others), which opens the door, on the path of Self-realization!

That’s how I grew up … I finished high school in economics, which confused me with the seriousness of numbers and rigid rules, the law of bookkeeping, with which I did not fit in for many years of work. I passed on the childish, imaginative part of me to my two sons, continuing the tradition of play, imagination, and love. I made up fairy tales for them, and with a living story, acting, I conveyed the most important messages of life. That is how the character of Dzinko Dzinic was created, who led and advised them through all situations with love and determination … My imagination wrote and writes and that is my most beautiful hobby.

The love for writing in recent months has attracted “Lucha T8” into my life, Light, which enriches my sense of existence every day, connects me with wonderful people, and reminds us that we are one with nature, upgrades enlightened knowledge with new knowledge, inspires me in every life need and action, calms, strengthens the perseverance of the impulse towards myself, reminding me that life is a wonderful adventure, in which by my own choices by taking responsibility (for everything that happens to me), through the thoughts and feelings I send, I create my own reality!